Video Tutorial on Jazzing up Pringle's for a Crowd ...

By Leiann

Video Tutorial on Jazzing up Pringle's for a Crowd ...

You and your guests are never going to look the same way at Pringles again!

These quick bites look so delicious!

What is different to me is the combining of cabbage, tomato, and corn with tomato sauce. I normally would not combine these. I would usually use cabbage with coleslaw dressing or with mayonnaise and sour cream. I would usually use tomato with a salad or chili. I would usually use corn with vegetable soup or as a side dish. Tomato sauce is used a million ways. Pringles? A potato snack usually alone by itself. All of these thrown together? I think it's a winner. Something different and something guests are not going to have eaten before.

What would be a good name for this appetizer? The video does not say. The appetizers kind-of look like cowboy hats.

Anyway, I hope you like! Tell me in the comments section if you make these!

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