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Cooking is a great skill to have, but it can become somewhat of a chore, which makes it difficult to find ways to enjoy cooking. I personally love to cook, but I often find myself putting it off because it can get a bit boring. But here are a few of the ways to enjoy cooking I use so I can have a great time cooking the kitchen.

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Cook with Someone else

If you have trouble finding ways to enjoy cooking, you should try cooking with a friend. Having a friend or partner around is a great way to make cooking fun and less like something that just needs to be done. So next time you’re out of ideas to entertain your guest, why not cook up a tasty lunch together? You’re sure to have a great time and make lots of memories! Plus, this can be your chance to get someone else’s opinion of your cooking.


Cook a Favorite Dish

Cooking can be much more enjoyable if you know you’re going to enjoy what you prepare. So if you have a favorite meal, why not cook that? That way the anticipation only builds while you cook, encouraging you to finish your masterpiece! And when you do, you’re bound to feel so accomplished that you’ll want to cook again, and enjoy it more each time!


Change the Recipe

If you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen before, I wouldn’t recommend this method to better enjoy cooking. But if you’re pretty familiar with the different seasonings and spices in your kitchen, why not change up the next recipe you make? This will keep you interested in what you’re preparing because it could either be better or worse than the original. It also ensures that there’s a little piece of you and your innovation in every bite! And that makes cooking a more personal and enjoyable experience.


Play Music

Life is better with music! And cooking is one activity that craves background music. Cooking with the TV on can be distracting, but cooking in silence can be downright boring! That’s why I always listen to music while I cook. It keeps me entertained but also focused enough so I don’t make any mistakes.


Taste as You Go

This may not be something a restaurant chef would recommend, but when you’re cooking from the comfort of your own home, there’s no harm in tasting the dish! When you taste as you cook, you’ll get a feel for what the end result will be and get excited to finish cooking. If what you taste isn’t so great, that means you get to rummage the spice rack to find that missing flavor. Tasting as you go is a great way to keep you interested enough in cooking so that it becomes enjoyable.


Dress up

If you’re like me and you’re a fan of shows like The Donna Reed Show, you may think that half the fun in cooking is dressing up. And I totally agree! I love tying an apron around my waist before I begin cooking, but even more than that I love wearing heels and a nice dress in the kitchen. Even when no one is around to see me, I still enjoy cooking because I get to play dress up.


Cook with a Purpose

If you want to enjoy cooking like a true chef, you’ve got to cook with a purpose! But while chefs cook to make a living, you can merely cook for fun, but still with a purpose. Whether your purpose is ironing out the kinks in a new recipe, feeding your guests, or merely buffing up your cooking skills, you should always keep your purpose in mind when cooking. When you do this, you’ll enjoy cooking because of all the excitement for the end result!

Clearly cooking doesn’t need to be as painful and tedious as we often make it out to be. I enjoy cooking because I love it and I also use all the methods I’ve just shared with you. But like I said, after time it becomes a chore, so I’d love to hear how you enjoy cooking in the comments! What do you do to keep cooking fun?

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I'm learning to cook and it helps to know these tips, thanks alot

As a chef, you always taste as you go. Have to make sure the seasoning and flavoring is to your liking. Of course sanitation is a big factor but as long as you're clean and careful, no double dipping, it's okay. So number 5 is def a great recommendation

As your cooking or before you start, anticipate the reaction you will get from those whom you are cooking for. They are going to be so impressed and pleased with what you did for them. That's what gives me motivation to cook

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