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7 Foods All Healthy Girls Are Eating Every Single Day ...

By Tara

We all know the foods that we read about to be healthy or dieticians recommend. You may even see most of this in the headlines while waiting in line at the grocery store. But what is truth and what is myth? As a certified trainer, nutritionist and healthy mama of three let me share with you a few foods that you should be eating every single day:

1 Apples

food,fruit,plant,produce,apple, Believe it or not, the saying an apple a day will keep the doctor away is actually true. Apples are great for your digestive health, in preventing disease, boosting your immune system and also have pectin in them which is a natural fat burner. Now go enjoy a crisp, cool apple today!

2 Eggs

dish,food,meal,lunch,produce, Eggs are part of my daily food regime because they are a great source of lean protein and they also keep you full for longer. Inside the yolk of the egg is lecithin which is a metabolic booster. As long as you do not have high cholesterol you are fine to have the full egg with the yolk. So go ahead and fuel some lean protein into your body with an omelet breakfast today!

3 Oatmeal

food,dish,berry,meal,breakfast, Oatmeal provides the body with plenty of insoluble fiber to boost your metabolism, aid your digestive tract and promote a healthy diet. Studies have shown that just 1 bowl of oatmeal a day can control your hunger and having you feel strong! And did I mention this lowers your risk of a heart attack?

4 Broccoli

food,vegetable,produce,broccoli,leaf vegetable, Broccoli is high in nutrients that are cancer fighting. So ward off cancer, increase your fiber and lean down with this tasty veggie! Steam it, dice it, stir fry it or eat it raw to better your health and have more energy!

5 Blueberries

food,berry,plant,produce,fruit, Did you know the fruit with the highest antioxidant levels are blueberries? The antioxidant plant pigments that make blueberries blue help to protect you from heart disease, cancer and age-related blindness and memory loss.

6 Salad

food,dish,produce,plant,salad, Get all your cancer fighting phytonutrients and plenty of fiber by having a salad or two everyday. Within a matter of days you will feel better and even notice a difference in your skin, as well as energy levels.

7 Greek Yogurt

food,dessert,produce,breakfast,meal, Yogurt is a great source of calcium to help keep your bones strong and it also provides live active cultures that are helpful in warding off infections for woman’s vaginal health. This is known as the potent, powerful health saver for women.

So are you ready to raid your pantry and closet to add in the best foods you should be eating every single day? Live the healthy life you deserve by nourishing your body with nutrient dense food!

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