9 Best Healthy Hotel Foods to Choose on Your Next Vacation ...


Traveling can pose quite the challenge for all of us healthy eaters out there, but luckily there are truly some healthy hotel foods to choose wherever you might be staying.

If you can’t bring your own snacks, or the hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, you can just opt to eat at the hotel’s restaurant or order room service.

Most hotels have healthy options, which I’ve highlighted here as some of the safest options.

While the breakfast buffet may look tempting, go with one of these healthy hotel foods instead!

1. Oatmeal


One of the best basic healthy hotel foods you can order from room service is oatmeal!

Just order it plain and bring some of your favorite sweetener with you.

Ask for some cinnamon, which most places can also provide.

I like bringing stevia packets and cinnamon with me on all my trips so I’m prepared for emergencies like this!2

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