8 Best Snacks for Kids ...


The healthy eating habits you teach your children now will last a lifetime, so nowโ€™s the time to find out the best snacks for kids, while theyโ€™re still forming their dietary attitudes.

Chances are, your kids are already enjoying some of these snacks, but some might provide new ideas.

What are the best snacks for kids?

Letโ€™s find out.

1. Fresh Fruits

Kids ought to get between two and three servings of fresh fruits each day, but few of them doโ€ฆ and sugar-laden fruity snacks or fruit juices donโ€™t count!

A crisp organic apple, a sweet banana, a few pineapple slices - all of these are marvelously rich in vitamins and fiber and other nutrients, and since theyโ€™re delicious as well as nutritious, they top my list of the best snacks for kids.

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