7 Fabulous Festive Cocktails and Mocktails ...


Christmas is the time for fabulous food and of course, fabulously festive cocktails and mocktails.

With a little imagination you can make the perfect beverages that will ensure your parties are in full swing in no time.

Festive drinks truly are a must during the holiday season and they don't have to be alcoholic either.

Here are some of my favorite festive cocktails and mocktails.

1. Marvelously Mulled

Marvelously Mulled

There are so many ways to enjoy festive cocktails and mocktails and they're easy to make.

Mulled wine and indeed any of the many mulled beverages, are truly irresistible.

I love the smell of mulled wine in the days running up to Christmas and if you have the pleasure of walking round a Christmas market, the aroma of spices from the mulled wine is sure to make you feel even more festive.

You can make mulled wine cocktails with a blend of the traditional spices such as cinnamon and cloves, blended with clementines and Cointreau and of course, red wine.

It's delicious enjoyed both hot or cold.

2. Excellent Eggnog

Excellent Eggnog

Christmas isn't complete without eggnog.

I love traditional eggnog during the festive season and my only stipulations are that they have to be consumed in front of a roaring fire with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.2

And you won't miss out if you're vegan as there are some delicious dairy free eggnog recipes you can make.

Eggnog doesn't just have to be consumed as a drink.

You can also make eggnog inspired cakes, ice creams, cookies and truffles!2

Just search on line for the plethora of eggnog inspired recipes to enjoy this Christmas.

3. Awesome Amaretto Fizz

Awesome Amaretto Fizz

Amaretto is one of my favorite drinks.

It must be the Italian in me!

How about an Amaretto and Peach Martini.2

It's super simple to make.

Mix Amaretto, peach schnapps and vodka with some soda.3

Rim the glass with some brown sugar and enjoy!

You can also make a wine based Amaretto fizz by mixing Amaretto with orange juice and sparking wine.

Add some strips of orange zest for a special festive touch.

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