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37 Delicious Valentine's Day Drinks for All Ages ...

By Eliza

Whether you plan to spend Valentine's Day with your significant other, your best friend or your kids, there's a cocktail on this list for you. Some of them do contain alcohol, so choose with care if you plan to share these with your little loves. Cocktails, alcoholic or not, are the perfect way to toast Valentine's Day, otherwise known as the day of love. Grab your cocktail shaker - you're going to need it.

1 Pomegranate Ice Cubes

food,red,pink,plant,dessert, Source: Healthy Valentine's Day Food Ideas ...
These ice cubes can turn any clear drink into something special. Try them in lemon lime soda or water.

2 Cupid Floats

food,strawberry,milkshake,dessert,strawberries, Source: Cupid Floats- A Valentine's Day ...
No kid is going to turn down this delicious creation.

3 Pink Cotton Candy and Slowly Pour Sprite over It

drink,alcoholic beverage,wine,champagne,red wine, Source: Why Don't You - The ...
This is like a science experiment that your kids can eat when you're done.

4 Cran-Raspberry Spritzer

food,drink,produce,plant,raspberry, Source: Cran-Raspberry Spritzer Recipe: Valentines Day ...
This drink looks fancy and tastes good too. The raspberries make it look like a gourmet treat.

5 Pink Hot Chocolate

food,dessert,icing,petal,strawberry, Source: Pink Hot Chocolate |
What? This is delicious and so perfect for a cold Valentine's Day celebration.

6 Shirley Temple with Pink Pop Rocks

drink,food,produce,strawberry,strawberries, Source: 5 Delicious Mocktail Recipes
This fizzy concoction will make anyone happy. Especially kids.

7 Valentine Moscato Float

Golden Tote,drink,food,lighting,produce, Source: Valentine Moscato Float
A grown up ice cream float? Yes, please!

8 Bubbly Love Potion

pink,drink,alcoholic beverage,food,produce, Source: Recipe | Pink Lemonade Sherbet ...
So many bubbles! For people who love soda, this is the perfect drink to share with them.

9 Red Vines for the Straw

red,food,pink,drink,strawberry, Source: Mommy Lessons 101: 10 Class ...
Make your kids squeal with delight by teaching them to bite the ends off a Twizzler and using it as a straw.

10 Dirty Shirley

Shootout,food,plant,produce,strawberry, Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red ...
I don't know where the name of this one comes from, but the taste is perfect.

11 Red Velvet Cake Martini

drink,cocktail,alcoholic beverage,cosmopolitan,cocktail garnish, Source: Red Velvet Cake Martini Cocktail
A grown up cocktail, this cake flavored drink will be hard to stop drinking.

12 Sweetie Martini

Charm,Sincerely by Us,cocktail,food,drink, Source: Drinks and Links: Sweetie Martini ...
I love how the rim is scattered with red and white sprinkles.

13 Red Berry Kamikaze

La Moda,drink,cocktail,alcoholic beverage,cosmopolitan, Source: Red Berry Kamikaze
This twist on the classic Kamikaze is something you won't want to miss.

14 Barbie Doll Cocktail

Gabriella,food,drink,plant,produce, Source: Community Post: 8 Pink Drinks ...
It's the perfect pink for a Barbie inspired Valentine's Day celebration. Or any celebration for that matter.

15 Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri

food,strawberry,strawberries,produce,drink, Source: Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri for Two ...
These look good, don't they? How many would you drink?

16 Cranberry Vodka Spritzer

food,drink,produce,juice,fruit, Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red ...
Cranberries are another perfectly colored garnish for Valentine's Day cocktails.

17 Red Velvet Milkshake

drink,food,produce,milkshake,cocktail, Source: Red Velvet Milkshake Recipe: Perfect ...
You might be tempted to make a huge batch of this milkshake, but a little goes a long way.

18 Homemade Italian Cream Soda

food,drink,plant,produce,non alcoholic beverage, Source: Homemade Italian Cream Soda - ...
These are great for the entire family!

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19 Fluffy Punch

food,dessert,pink,meal,cuisine, Source: Enchantresses 3: Hugs and Kisses ...
Serve this at a kids' Valentine's Day party and you'll be the favorite parent there

20 Champagne Cocktail

food,drink,produce,plant,strawberry, Source: Sweetheart Spritzer {Champagne Cocktail Recipe}
If you want a grown up bubbly drink, this is the one for you.

21 Valentine’s Day on the Rocks

drink,cocktail,alcoholic beverage,non alcoholic beverage,caipiroska, Source:

This cocktail has the perfect name for Valentine's Day.

22 Love Potion #9

Blog,food,cocktail,pink,drink, Source: Repeat Crafter Me: Love Potion ...
This classic drink is best shared with someone you love.

23 Shirley Temple Float

food,drink,strawberry,plant,produce, Source: Shirley Temple Floats | Cafe ...
The skewer of cherries would make this something my kids would scream for.

24 Red Hot Valentine

food,red,drink,strawberry,plant, Source: 15 Amorous Valentine's Day Cocktails ...
I love how the candy is used as a sweet garnish on the side of the glass.

25 Rasmopolitan

cocktail,cosmopolitan,drink,cocktail garnish,alcoholic beverage, Source: Rasmopolitan Recipe | Martha Stewart
Float a few raspberries in your drink to give it a lovely presentation.

26 Strawberry Ice Cream Float

food,milkshake,strawberry,drink,plant, Source: Strawberry Ice Cream Float
Use strawberry ice cream and red cream soda to make a twist on the classic soda float made with root beer.

27 The French Kiss

pink,red,drink,martini,cocktail, Source: Fun Cocktails to Ring in ...
That Hershey's kiss is perfect for making your significant other feel your love.

28 Valentine Margarita

Antic,pink,food,dessert,petal, Source: Valentine’s Day Romantic Cocktail
This would probably be on the top of my list of Valentine's Day cocktails.

29 Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Sangria

food,dish,strawberry,plant,produce, Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red ...
I love sangria, don't you? The red version is just what you need for Valentine's Day.

30 Strawberry Garnish

drink,strawberry,alcoholic beverage,strawberries,produce, Source: Throwing An Anti-Valentine's Day Party
A whole, fresh strawberry is the perfect way to decorate the glass on a red or pink cocktail.

31 Cherry Whiskey Smash

alcoholic beverage,drink,cocktail,distilled beverage,food, Source: 21 Pretty Pink And Red ...
This sipping drink tastes good and is super easy to make.

32 Strawberry Crush Float

food,strawberry,produce,plant,drink, Source: Poofy Cheeks: Strawberry ‘Crush’ Float
Strawberry Crush is the perfect soda for making a love day drink.

33 Polka Dot Straws and Sprinkles!

food,dessert,milkshake,produce,raspberry, Source: 12 No-Bake Sweets for Valentine’s ...
Make your drinks really stand out by decorating them with cute straws and plenty of sprinkles.

34 Kid's Healthy Smoothie

pink,strawberry,drink,food,milkshake, Source: ~ The Frugal D.I.Y. Mom ...
If you're looking for something that isn't loaded with sugar, this is the creation for you.

35 Cherry Lemonade Slushie

drink,juice,plant,produce,non alcoholic beverage, Source: 20+ Kid Friendly Lemonade Recipes
Cherries and lemons pair together just right.

36 Cherry Bombs

drink,non alcoholic beverage,produce,juice,food, Source: Cherry Bombs Recipe | Martha ...
The color is fabulous, don't you think?

37 Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial Cocktail

red,drink,alcoholic beverage,cocktail,wine glass, Source: Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordial Cocktail
The chocolate swirl inside the glass is wonderful!

What's your favorite drink for Valentine's Day? I think I'll be trying the red velvet milkshake this year. Which one looks like the top of your list?

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