The Dirty Dozen: Foods You Should Always Buy Organic ...


We all know the importance of eating fresh produce, but with so many options out there, how do we know which foods to buy organic and which foods we can save our cash on?

Well thanks so the Environmental Working’s Group’s 2014 Dirty Dozen list, we can be certain of which foods contain the most pesticides, exposing both ourselves and our families to potentially harmful chemicals, and therefore, foods that we should always buy organic.

Pesticides present real health risks, particularly to children and those with health concerns, and can include disruptions in the normal functioning of the nervous and endocrine system, as well as an increased risk of cancer.

Check out the list below for the 12 foods to buy organic, always.

1. Apples


Apples have consistently ranked near the top of the annual dirty dozen list, and should definitely be one of the foods to buy organic, always.

With more than 40 different pesticides detected on apples, it's no wonder that apples rank so high.2

This is because fungus and insect threats prompt farmers to spray various chemicals on their orchards.

Not surprisingly, pesticide residue is also found in apple juice and apple sauce, making all apple products an organic staple.

2. Strawberries


Strawberries are another food that is always on the Dirty Dozen list, in part because they're so prone to fungus, which prompts farmers to spray them.

Mainly due to their thin skin, this pesticide residue remains on the berries and cannot just be washed off.2

In fact, the USDA has found nearly 60 different pesticides on grocery store strawberries.

Unfortunately, frozen strawberries don’t come out much better.

And it’s not just strawberries: all berries are prone to high levels of chemicals, with blueberries barely making it off the list at #14.

3. Grapes


Grapes, particularly those that are imported, are another permanent entrant on the Dirty Dozen list.

Raisins, not surprisingly, also rank high on pesticide residue tests.2

Makes you wonder about wine, huh?

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