7 Healthy Foods You Can Regrow at Home ...

Imagine buying a food, then planting it at home and never having to buy it again.

Not only will this save you money, but fresh foods always taste better.

Not to mention that home grown produce is free of pesticides and the nutrients don’t have as long to degrade when you harvest and eat them right away rather than waiting for them to be shipped to your local supermarket.


There are many foods you can regrow at home, but here are some of the easiest.

Once you master them, you can branch out to others.

1. Avocado Pits Are a Must save Item

Avocado Pits Are a Must save Item

Instead of tossing your avocado pits, save them and you can sprout your very own avocado plant.

Since these little fruits can get pretty pricey, you’ll love being able to save some cash.

Insert four toothpicks into your pit and set it on the rim of a glass, filled enough to cover half the #avocado pit.

When you see a plant start to sprout, repot it in soil in a pot with plenty of drainage.

Water regularly.