How to Become a Vegetarian and Avoid Those Pesky Meat Cravings ...


When you first become a vegetarian, adjusting to a new way of eating can be difficult.

You have to learn how to substitute other ingredients for the meat you used to eat, and also adjust your palate to new flavors.

You may long for your old favorite meat dishes.

So how do you change over to your new way of eating without giving in to those cravings?

Here's how …

1. Gradual Change

While some people prefer to make an instant leap into a vegetarian diet, others find it easier to change over gradually.

I started by cutting out red meat, then chicken, and finally fish.

This meant that I could slowly learn to cook new dishes and find substitutes for familiar foods.

So by the time I gave up meat altogether I was used to a new way of cooking.

Discover New Flavors
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