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You've no doubt seen all sorts of recipes for meatless Mondays and maybe you're wondering what all the hype is about.

Want to improve our environment? Save animals? Lose weight? Spend less money on food? There are hundreds of reasons to try vegetarianism! While the thought of giving up meat for good can sound intimidating, the Meatless Mondays Movement was designed to be more realistic for the average person. According to research, going veg just 1 day per week can provide significant benefits for the environment and your individual health.

Not sure what to eat? Don’t stress! Here are the best recipes for meatless Mondays.

1. Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna

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A delicious lasagna recipe created by a sexy firefighter? Yes please! This hearty lasagna is guaranteed to satisfy your carb craving and is completely dairy free (perfect for those of us with lactose issues!). With fewer calories and significantly more nutrition than standard lasagnas, you can indulge guilt free. This is one of my fave recipes for meatless Mondays.


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2. Baked Tofu Sammie

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Sometimes, we need comfort food. Rather than choosing overpriced takeout or fattening fast food, head on over to the Vegan Stoner blog for some simple, meatless recipes, like this tasty sandwich!


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3. Toddler Friendly 10-minute Pasta

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New York Times best-selling author, Angela, knows just how to satisfy a screaming toddler! Feeding family members a meatless meal may seem daunting, but everyone will love this quick, easy pasta. Made with only 4 simple ingredients (that you probably already have at home), this fabulous dish can be tossed together effortlessly after a long day of work.


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4. Thai Red Curry with Vegetables

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With a 5-star rating and hundreds of reviews, this vegan curry dish is sure to please everyone and anyone. Thai cuisine is notorious for having tons of flavor-packed vegetarian meals. Kick up the heat by adjusting the spiciness level to suit your taste buds!


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5. Vegan Hot Dogs Done Four Ways

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Vegan hot dogs? Don’t knock it β€˜till you try it! Traditional hot dogs are made with high amounts perspectives and processed meat that had been linked to cancer and other diseases. If that’s not enough, TIME released an article outlining strange objects people have found inside hot dogs (dimes and eyelashes, eek!!). Luckily, veggie dogs are readily available at most grocery stores. Get creative and jazz them up with fun toppings!


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6. Kale Citrus Salad

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We all need a little more kale in our lives. Dana (aka, The Minimalist Baker) is famous for creating incredible dinners and desserts with 10 ingredients or less. Yum!


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7. Mushroom Veggie Burger

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You won’t believe your eyes as you fry up one of these incredible plant-based burgers. Many of them look JUST like meat, but taste even better! You can top it your favorite way!


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8. Better than Chipotle Vegan Burger

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Packed with amazing Mexican flavors, this burrito is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It's stuffed with guacamole, serrano peppers, cheese sauce, and more! Feel inspired knowing that this burrito was created by chef Hannah, who lost over 50 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet (including burritos like these). Included is a step by step tutorial outlining the best burrito folding technique.


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9. Tofu Scramble

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Wondering how to make tofu taste good? Follow this innovative breakfast recipe for an egg-like, Southwestern style meal. Unlike eggs, tofu is packed with healthy fiber, takes on any flavor, and is available at most grocery stores for around $1. The best part? This recipe contains over 27 grams of protein per serving!


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10. Vegetable Sushi

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Love sushi? Honor Meatless Monday by swapping out raw fish for raw veggies! Rolled with cucumber, avocado, and asparagus spears, this recipe from Food Network star Masaharu Morimoto is bound to please. Nori Sheets (seaweed) and bamboo sushi mats can be picked up at Asian markets for only a few dollars. Time to get crafty. Sushi making can be a fun and romantic date night!


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