7 Tips to Hosting a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner at Your Home ...


Hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner is what we all want to do when we invite our friends and family in.

We don’t want them to leave our home and feel like they attended a total flop.

I have hosted more than my fair share of Thanksgiving dinners and discovered some tips that make things go a lot smoother.

With these tips, you can relax, knowing you will be hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Plan Your Menu

Plan Your Menu

The first thing you need to do if you hope to be hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner is plan your menu.

A Thanksgiving dinner is not something you can throw together at the last minute.

Take time to make a menu.

It is important to consider anyone that will be attending with special dietary needs.

If you are trying out a new recipe, you may want to give it a trial run before serving it to your guests.

2. Shop for Ingredients

Shop for Ingredients

Once you have your menu together, you can break it down into a list of what you need from the grocery store.

Be careful to check your list carefully, making sure that you are not forgetting anything.

Thanksgiving stories are full of incidents where someone had to go out searching for a missing ingredient.

It may be helpful to break your list into two parts.

Make one part a list of things that can be purchased more than a week ahead of time and the other of the items that will have to be bought only a few days ahead of time to ensure freshness.

3. Do Your Prep Work

Do Your Prep Work

The more prep work you can do ahead of time, the better.

That makes your day much easier on the actual day of Thanksgiving.

Many desserts and salads can be prepared ahead of time.2

You can even get some dishes ready to go in the oven and store in the refrigerator until it is time.

I even find it helpful to plan what pans I am going to use for what dish ahead of time.2

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