7 Yummy Ways to Use Hemp Seeds in Your Next Vegan Recipe ...


7 Yummy Ways to Use Hemp Seeds in Your Next Vegan Recipe ...
7 Yummy Ways to Use Hemp Seeds in Your Next Vegan Recipe ...

With all the delicious and simple ways to use hemp seeds in your recipes, there’s simply no reason to wait any longer to implement these magical, powerful seeds into your diet. Hemp seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, magnesium, Vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, zinc and manganese. They are powerhouses of nutrition that help with regularity, preventing depression, and they have all the essential amino acids your body needs, making them a complete protein. Vegan or not, hemp seeds are a wonderful way to get a broad range of nutrients into your diet in a very small amount. You only need about 3 tbsp. per day to get the benefits of using them. Did I mention their nutty, slightly sweet taste is also fantastic? Try my favorite simple ways to use hemp seeds and see why I love them so much with just the very first bite!

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As Sprinkles

As Sprinkles One of the easiest ways to use hemp seeds is as sprinkles! You know those fun, bright colored sprinkles you remember loving on ice cream, cookies, homemade treats, cakes and even cereal and yogurt as a kid? Well, instead of using those, though they are fun and pretty, I admit, just use hemp seeds as a natural, healthy dose of sprinkles, straight from nature. Raw, delicious, nutritious and fun to eat on anything, hemp seeds are a great alternative. I know they aren’t as bright and colorful, but they sure are tasty and easy to use, plus they don’t contain any of those nasty chemicals, artificial dyes or refined sugar, as a bonus.


As a Dressing

As a Dressing Did you know you can blend hemp seeds with a little water, some seasoning, lemon juice and whatever else you fancy, and get a delicious, creamy dressing? Hemp seeds turn into a nice creamy texture, much like the color of Caesar dressing when blended. They are also really tasty and satisfying this way. I suggest pairing them with a little garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, parsley, black pepper and apple cider vinegar to blend. There are many recipes online using hemp seeds in dressing, so find one you like and use it on your salads, as a dip, or on top of roasted veggies, which is an excellent side dish.


In Place of Protein Powder

I adore vegan protein powder and always keep it in my fridge. I’m sure many of you use protein powders in your smoothies and shakes too. If you run out of your usual product, or you’d just like to try something different, just use 3-4 tbsp. hemp seeds instead. This will give you anywhere from 11- 15 grams of protein, 8-12 grams of fiber, plus all your essential fatty acids that you need for the day, and almost all your entire daily requirements of magnesium as well. You’ll also get in more omega 3 fatty acids than a piece of salmon and other incredible nutrients. Plus, they make your smoothies really creamy, which is another plus to using them.


As a Nondairy Milk

If you love almond milk as much as I do, you probably never go without it; I know I sure don’t. I usually keep about 3-4 cartons of soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO almond milk in my fridge all the time. Well, you can actually make your own at home using almonds if you like, or you can opt for hemp milk made of hemp seeds instead. Just blend a cup of water with two cups of hemp seeds, strain in a nutmilk bag or colander, and you’ll have hemp milk! Feel free to flavor as you wish, such as with a sweetener, or even a little vanilla extract if you wish. Hemp milk makes a delicious nondairy milk in just about anything you like, and the creamy texture is incredible!


In Homemade Energy Bars

I love to make my own energy bars. Have you ever tried this trick? It’s incredibly simple, cheap and the best part is, they always taste better than the kind you buy at the store. In fact, after making my own so many years, I often find when I try a new one at the store that I’m incredibly disappointed. One ingredient I always use in my homemade energy bars is hemp seeds! Why? Well for starters because of all their nutrients. I can get such a high amount of nutrition and protein in my own energy bars that I don’t need a lot of ingredients from other sources. Secondly, they are great for your digestion due to their fiber content and the fact that they are easy to digest. They fill you up fast and give you so much energy! They also add a yummy, nutty taste that you just have to try. For some of my favorite recipes, feel free to visit my blog to get some ideas here: soulfulspoon.com.


Hemp seeds are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of vegan recipes. Not only are they incredibly nutritious, but they are also incredibly easy to digest and provide a great source of energy. Hemp seeds are a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and essential fatty acids. They are also a great source of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, and iron. Hemp seeds are also rich in antioxidants, which can help protect against free radical damage and the aging process.

Hemp seeds can be used in a variety of vegan dishes, such as smoothies, salads, and energy bars. They can also be used to make vegan milks, such as hemp milk, and vegan cheeses. Hemp seeds can also be used to make vegan protein bars, which are a great snack to have on hand when you need a quick and nutritious snack. Hemp seeds can also be used to make delicious vegan desserts, such as ice cream, cookies, and brownies.


In Homemade Desserts

In Homemade Desserts If you’re into making homemade vegan desserts, which are one of my favorite things to make when I get some free time and a sweet craving, try using hemp seeds to cream things up. You know how many people use cashews in raw dishes in place of cream cheese, or walnuts to thicken things up? Instead, try using hemp seeds, which work the same way, but with more nutrition. I like making homemade raw desserts like truffles and candies and such with hemp seeds creamed with a little almond milk, a banana or even some coconut nectar. They are excellent to thicken up your homemade desserts, create a creamy texture, and they add a rich, slightly nutty taste that is impeccable.


In Place of Meat on a Salad

In Place of Meat on a Salad If you’re having a salad, try using about 4 tbsp. hemp seeds instead of meat. Hemp seeds are awesome in salads! They add this satisfying, calming factor that blends great with veggies like carrots, avocado, tomatoes and some apple cider vinegar to dress your salad with. I like adding fun spices and mix-ins such as lemon juice, dried figs and even roasted sweet potatoes and such for a hearty factor. Hemp seeds make the perfect vegan protein on your salads that offers the same high quality protein factor as any meat or fish. The best part is, it’s friendlier to your body, the planet and the animals as a result. Hemp seeds are also cheaper per serving than meat, which means your budget even benefits!

Do you eat hemp seeds? If so, how do you usually use them? Let me know and feel free to include any links of recipes you like!

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