7 Ways to Make Lower-Calorie Versions of Fast Food Treats ...


Everybody loves to treat themselves to fast food every once in a while.

But given that fast food tends to be high in calories and fats, it's not exactly healthy.

An occasional unhealthy meal won't do you any harm.

But if you want to eat fast-food style without eating unhealthily, you could try making healthier, lower-calorie versions of the fast food treats you love …

1. Fries


Given their name, we know that fries are very high in calories.

Frying anything means that it absorbs a lot of fat.

Try baking potato wedges in the oven instead.

They'll only need a little oil, although you should baste the wedges several times so that they cook evenly.

You could also slice the potatoes thinly and put them under the grill;

the close heat source means that they'll crisp nicely.

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