How to Become a Vegetarian and Avoid Those Pesky Meat Cravings ...


When you first become a vegetarian, adjusting to a new way of eating can be difficult. You have to learn how to substitute other ingredients for the meat you used to eat, and also adjust your palate to new flavors. You may long for your old favorite meat dishes. So how do you change over to your new way of eating without giving in to those cravings? Here's how …

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Gradual Change

While some people prefer to make an instant leap into a vegetarian diet, others find it easier to change over gradually. I started by cutting out red meat, then chicken, and finally fish. This meant that I could slowly learn to cook new dishes and find substitutes for familiar foods. So by the time I gave up meat altogether I was used to a new way of cooking.


Discover New Flavors

Treat your new diet as a chance to discover lots of exciting new flavors. You'll find many new (to you) products and ingredients in supermarkets and health food stores. Your local ethnic grocer is also an excellent source of interesting and intriguing ingredients.


Meat Substitutes

I've often been asked why you'd want to eat meat substitutes like soya mince if you've given up the real thing. Meat substitutes are very convenient, especially when you're cooking for a group and just want to replace the meat for yourself. They're also a good way of weaning yourself onto a vegetarian diet, as you can buy veggie sausages etc and use them as you would meat sausages.


Remind Yourself Why

It can also be helpful while you're making the transition to a meat-free diet to remind yourself of why you're doing this. Whether it's because you want to eat more healthily, or for ethical reasons, thinking about those reasons will strengthen your determination and help you through making the adjustments to your diet and way of life.


Check out Recipes

If you're stumped for ideas of what to cook, turn to recipes for inspiration. Start with a cookbook from your local library; you can buy one later when you're more familiar with what you like. Look for a cookbook with color photos, as this will encourage you to try the new recipes. You can also find loads of recipes on the internet



Getting cravings for meat when you turn vegetarian may be partly due to getting used to the changes in your diet. However it may also be a sign that you need certain nutrients. Educate yourself on nutrition, so that you can be sure that your new vegetarian diet is giving you everything that you need; you should find out some other sources of protein and iron, for example.


You're Not Missing out

People may think that you're missing out by not eating meat, but that's not the case at all. See it as an adventure into a new way of eating. You're not losing out, but gaining a positive step into a kinder way of life. Be adventurous and try out new ingredients; you won't know if you like them until you give them a go!

Try these tips, and before long you'll be happily enjoying your vegetarian diet and have lots of new dishes in your culinary repertoire! What is the one food that you could never give up?

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Make sure it is real organic .

Some people become vegetarians but don't research the dangers of it as well. Please, if you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian, research some protein substitutes. Your body really needs meat and protein, so find substitutes for them!!

This is actually pretty helpful, but I'm just starting out for a vegetarian and it's really hard because my family is always buying pizza or burgers, and there's always meat in my kitchen, so maybe can you give me some other tips on how to keep my craving away? Sorry if I disturbed you

Sorry for my bad english. I'm Swedish by the way😂

I agree with Camille. So many people think that the only way to consume protein is by eating meat. When truthfully most vegetables, particularly dark greens, contain a higher amount of protein than most meats.

Funny how people talk about protein when most of them dont even know how much they should consume themselves on a daily basis

I can't even go one day without meat. Feel tired and dizzy with no energy easily

Vegetarian old indian word for bad hunter lol

Just remember to get enough protein

Allt of vegetables do contain alot of protein but they don't contain all essential amino acids our body needs. So to get them you have to eat either a very wide vareity of vegetables and be reallly know witch amino acids they contain or you could eat a protein supplement. I actully know some vegetarian and they all had protein defiency without knowing it and it was so bad that they had to eat meat and eggs for a coulpe of months to get healthy again....

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