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Foods that cause heartburn are unfortunately some of the most delicious and most popular foods among Americans today. And not all of them are unhealthy, like you might be thinking. Sure, junk food, fast food and soda can all cause heartburn, but so can many other foods. Many people don’t have a problem with heartburn, but if you do, you need to be aware of your diet to manage the problem the easiest way possible. Try eating less of these foods that cause heartburn, and hopefully you’ll see relief overnight.

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Coffee Let’s start with America’s favorite beverage, which makes the list of the top foods that cause heartburn. Since coffee is actually made from a bean, we’re going to include it as a food here, because it truly is one of the worst foods for heartburn. Coffee by nature, is acidic, and as a result, it irritates the lining of the esophagus where food must go through before it reaches the stomach. Coffee also irritates the gut, making it a whole other problem for various reasons. To still enjoy your coffee, you can buy a low acid coffee. I like a brand called Purroast, which contains almost 50% less acid than normal brands and comes in organic varieties. If this doesn’t help, you need to nix the coffee altogether. Go for the next best thing, which in my experience, is pure matcha tea. It’s delicious, alkalizing, and will give you a boost of caffeine without the heartburn.



Chocolate I used to tolerate chocolate very well, and it’s one of my favorite foods, but chocolate is a huge contributor to heartburn, and it might be bothering you too. Chocolate comes with many health benefits, but you should still know it’s a purely acidic substance, and contains just as much acid as coffee. Lower your consumption of chocolate if you suffer heartburn, and one option you have is to choose Dutch-processed or dark cocoa as an alternative. Dutch-processed has been alkalized before production, which makes it less acidic, and easier on your stomach. I've also found it also doesn’t contribute to heartburn at all. You can stir it into almond milk for a delicious hot chocolate, or make a smoothie with it!



Tomatoes Tomatoes are also acidic by nature, though they are tremendously healthy for you. If you suffer heartburn, you might want to cut them out for a while, and try red bell peppers instead! They’re one of my favorite substitutions and they’re just as lovely in color and full of nutrients.



Peppers Peppers of all sorts are also linked to heartburn. Since they add metabolic fire to the body, they can aggravate heartburn in a short period of time. Red bell peppers, or sweet peppers, seem to have less problematic effects than other types, so choose these whenever possible instead of green or hot varieties.


Orange Juice

Orange Juice Orange juice is another top offender of heartburn due to the natural acids it contains. Unlike lemon, it does not turn alkaline in the body upon consumption. Instead, it remains acidic, and may aggravate heartburn and acidic stomach as a result. Stop consuming it for a week if you regularly consume it.


Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods That hot sauce you love? Yep, it’s probably causing you heartburn, dear! Put the Srichacha and Texas Pete away for a week if you want heartburn relief. I know it’s hard to give up, but hot spicy foods will cause major heartburn symptoms in just minutes. Try mustard, which is less likely to give you a problem, and as a bonus, it’s lower in sodium. Apple cider vinegar can also help add a little tang to your meals, and it’s actually helpful for heartburn. Since it's highly alkaline unlike other vinegars, it's fantastic for a number of ailments, especially heartburn and indigestion.


Peanut Butter or Peanuts

Peanut Butter or Peanuts Last on the list is peanut butter! Yep, I hate to tell you, but peanut butter is a huge contributor to heartburn. It can be difficult to digest for many people too because it’s a legume, and because it’s high in protein and fat. These combinations make it harder to digest and for many people, make it a cause of heartburn. Opt for raw almond butter or raw cashew butter instead, which are the healthiest and most alkaline nut butters you can buy.

Do you get heartburn? If so, what foods seem to aggravate your symptoms the worst?

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I've learned from my sleep tracker device that I sleep terribly after eating large amounts of peanut butter (sadly it's my favorite food) and I've decided to give it up.

My family has a history of having heart burn. So I was glad to see this list of acidic foods to watch out for and their alkaline substitute.

fried food

Omg cool I like it

Some red sauces give me heartburn. The worst heartburn food for me is red onions, not any other kind, just red ones lol

You are right. I can't have chocolate or orange juice. So, so with tomatoes and peppers, but better if I put a bit if sugar in when I cook them. I am Ok with spicy food, though!

Thank you so much for these tips!! Glad to know there are more alkaline but butters... Will be giving almond butter another try!


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