13 Best Baking Ingredients to Use That Are Nearly Guilt-Free ...


I love to bake during the cooler seasons, and I have specific ingredients to bake with that I always keep in my cupboards so I’m always prepared the healthy way. Baking doesn’t have to be a process that avoids producing treats with lots of sugar, salt, and fat. In fact, baking can be a great way to start eating healthier foods, if you know what the best ingredients to bake with are. My favorite baking products are sugar-free, high in fiber, not highly processed, not artificial, and they are also additive free. And yes, if you’re wondering, they produce wonderful baked goods that taste amazing! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

1. Oat Fiber

Oat Fiber

This is one my latest favorite ingredients to bake with of all. Oat fiber is not the same as oats, oat bran, or even oat flour. Oat fiber is actually just the fiber derived from oats, and it is calorie free! It only contains 3 grams of fiber and nothing else. This means you could use a cup of it, for no calories, and get the same effect as using regular flour or oat flour. Because it is high in fiber, it will absorb liquids the same way as gluten-filled flours, yet it won’t cause the digestive issues gluten can, or pack on the pounds. I like NuNaturals Oat Fiber, which sells out almost everywhere it’s carried online. You can use oat fiber anywhere you would use regular flour and it can be used the exact same way, cup for cup. It also has a mild, nutty taste that’s really nice to stir into oatmeal in the morning for extra fiber, or to add to a smoothie.

Coconut Flour
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