9 Popular Almond Butter Brands for Girls Who Love Nuts ...

By Heather

9 Popular Almond Butter Brands for Girls Who Love Nuts ...

Almond butter has given peanut butter quite the run for its money in terms of popularity, and it’s no wonder due to some of the best brands of almond butter on the market to choose from. No matter what your fancy- raw or roasted- there’s an almond butter out there for you. Creamy or crunchy, sweet or subtle, the best brands of almond butter have a variety for everyone- guaranteed. Now I’m just waiting for a powdered almond butter product like PB2 to pop up soon- then we’ll really know the world is officially as almond butter obsessed as I am.

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1 Artisana

Artisana This is my go-to brand of raw, organic, and non-GMO almond butter and it’s one of the best brands of almond butter to choose if you want the healthiest option possible. With no salt or added sugar and an incredibly light and creamy taste, Artisana is definitely one of the best you can buy. It might not be cheap at a rate of $13-$18 a jar, but it’s definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already. I also love that it comes in travel size snack packs, which are perfect for portion control and for on-the-go enjoyment.

2 MaraNatha

MaraNatha MaraNatha also produces a wonderful raw almond butter that’s organic and non-GMO, along with non-organic, flavored, and roasted varieties as well. Like Artisana, MaraNatha has an especially pure, top-notch taste that definitely makes it worth the higher price.

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3 Justin’s

Justin’s Justin’s is a popular brand of almond butter on the market for those that want a sweeter option. I personally don’t buy it since it has cane sugar, but it’s always one of the brands of almond butter that gets the highest ratings. Justin’s almond butter comes in many flavors from original to maple, and it even carries fun flavors like vanilla, honey, maple, and chocolate hazelnut.

4 Vitacost

Vitacost If you shop online at Vitacost, you’ve got to give their organic, raw, non-GMO almond butter a try- it’s awesome. To be a generic brand that’s highly affordable, Vitacost has truly outdone themselves for those of us that want a frugal, healthy option. Vitacost’s almond butter also has no salt or added sugars of any kind.

5 Barney Butter

Barney Butter Barney Butter is another go-to option if you want some delicious variety in the almond butter world. They offer a creamy and crunchy variety, along with roasted and raw options. They also have a Bare Butter product that is free of sugar and salt, and fun creative varieties such as Raw Almond and Chia, Vanilla Bean Espresso, Honey and Flax, and a Cocoa and Coconut flavor. Hungry yet? All Barney Butter products are certified peanut-free and gluten-free too!

6 Naturally Nutty

plant, produce, food, crop, flax, Naturally Nutty is a harder to find brand, but it's definitely one of the best brands of almond butter worth checking out. This brand produces rich, organic roasted almond butter varieties with an original flavor and more unique flavors, such as Vanilla, Cinnamon Vanilla, and Mocha.

7 365 Brand Almond Butter

365 Brand Almond Butter Whole Foods 365 brand is a great almond butter to choose since Whole Foods has stricter policies on the foods they allow on their shelves. Whole Foods 365 almond butter is roasted, non-GMO, and contains no sugar or salt.

8 Trader Joe’s Almond Butter

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter For those on a budget and a health mission, give Trader Joe’s smooth or crunchy unsalted almond butter a try- it’s awesome. With no added salt or sugar, it’s a great way to get a top notch product at a lower cost. It also comes in roasted variety for those that want a heartier taste.

9 Wild Friends

Wild Friends If you’re looking for unique almond butters, give Wild Friends nut butters a try. This popular new brand of almond butter was created by two friends and their love for nut butters. They don’t offer a plain option but do have fun flavors like Vanilla Bean Espresso, Chocolate, and Chocolate Sunflower Seed. These brands have added sugar but make a great option for when you want a little something extra special.

Almonds are a great source of protein and Vitamin E, and they're fairly low in calories compared to peanut butter. If you’re an almond butter fan like I am, what’s your go-to brand? Did your favorite make my list?

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Justin's peanut butter is so good! The maple is deliciously sweet 😜

I love the original Justin's... it doesn't have added sugar or salt though

Grind your own!!

Has anyone ever tried natures promise, it's really good.

I want to try all of it.😍😍

The Aldis kind is really good too!

that maple almond butter sounds delicious.

Have you tried Life Butta? It has the addition of superfoods & it's delicious.

I love the trader joe's one!

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