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I’m a stickler for finding the best grocery store snacks, so I feel I can tell others what to pick up when they find themselves starving all day! There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the workday and wanting a healthy snack, and not having anything to hand. Then, you probably either find yourself at the vending machine at your office, or perhaps you go to a convenient store and pick up something pretty unhealthy there. Instead of opting for these, how about zipping in your local supermarket and picking up a few of the best grocery store snacks instead? These will satisfy your tastebuds, and they’re great for your waistline too!

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Mary’s Gone Crackers with Hummus

Mary’s Gone Crackers with Hummus Mary’s Gone Crackers are one of my favorite gluten-free crackers to pick up when I’m on the go, and they make one of the best grocery store snacks to choose on the run. Why? Well, for starters, Mary’s Gone Crackers are flour free, gluten-free and vegan, but now they also have a new soy-free product too. Thanks to their new Super Seed Crackers, you can get a sugar-free, refined grain-free and soy-free cracker that’s so filling and tasty! These make delicious nutty crackers alone, plus they’re loaded with healthy fats from flax, non-grain seeds like quinoa, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. They’re great alone or with hummus or almond butter packs.

Learn more here marysgonecrackers.com


Chobani 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt

Chobani 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt I’m a huge fan of Chobani products because they’re tasty, and they’re hormone-free sources of healthy protein from dairy. I like their plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt, but for those of you that need a little more flavor, check out their new line of 100 calorie Greek yogurts! These do have a bit of added sugar, but it’s very minimal, and much less than their traditionally sweetened yogurt varieties. Plus, these give you assurance you won’t overdo the calories if you count calories as a way to keep track of your eats through the day. The 100 calorie yogurts by Chobani come in six flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Black Cherry and Vanilla. They’re sweetened with a blend of three sweeteners: monk fruit, stevia leaf extract and evaporated cane juice.

Learn more here chobani.com


Fage 0% Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Fage 0% Nonfat Greek Yogurt Definitely one of my favorites, Fage’s 0% nonfat Greek yogurt is simply one of the best products you can pick up at your supermarket. This yogurt is affordable, hormone-free, and super-creamy and tasty. If you need a sweetener or healthy filling option, just add a pinch of nut butter, or perhaps sprinkle a few almonds on top! I like to carry stevia in my purse to sweeten up yogurt on the go too. Fage also comes in flavored, sweetened options, but I stick to the plain for the lowest sugar, but choose what works for you! One individual cup of plain, unsweetened and non-fat Fage yogurt contains over 15 grams of protein, no added sugar, no fat, and all for 100 calories. You can’t beat that!

Learn more at usa.fage.eu.


Blue Diamond 100 Calorie Almond Packs

Blue Diamond 100 Calorie Almond Packs I used to actually keep these in my car I love them so much! Blue Diamond 100 calorie almond packs are perfect for healthy, hungry eaters on the go. For starters, they come in many varieties, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Need something salty? Stick to their Lightly Salted or Sea Salt varieties. Or, if you’re just in the mood for a natural, creamy crunch, go with their Low-Sodium or Natural packs, which are my favorite! I love eating these when I’m stressed and hungry on the go because almonds contain magnesium to calm your nerves, protein to fill you up and 2 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of fat per serving to keep you full. All for 100 calories, no added sugar, and a complete delicious snack.

Learn more here bluediamond.com.


Blue Diamond Almond Thins

Blue Diamond Almond Thins Another healthy snack by Blue Diamond is their line of Nut Thin crackers. These are perfect for individuals who want a gluten-free option free of nasty preservatives and lots of salt. These come in six delicious flavors: Sea Salt, Almond, Pecan, Smokehouse, Cheddar Cheese and Pepper Jack Cheese. Each serving of 16 crackers has 130 calories, 3 grams of protein, no cholesterol, only 2.5 grams of fat, light sodium content, and no sugar.

Learn more here bluediamond.com.


To-Go Protein Packs

To-Go Protein Packs I’m a huge fan of stirring protein powders into water and throwing a few almonds on top for a quick snack. Or, to-go protein packs make great additions to oatmeal if you keep oatmeal at your office. I like these better than protein bars, as they are lower in sugar than most brands and free of all added ingredients like salt, sugar, etc. My favorite to-go protein packs include Vega One and Garden of Life Raw Meal or Raw Protein packs. You can usually find these at any Whole Foods store if you’re close to one. If not, you can order them online to keep with you on the go!

Learn more here myvega.com, gardenoflife.com


Vega One Bars

Vega One Bars As a fan of Vega One products, their Vega One bar is one you’ll definitely want to try. Vega One bars contain all the nutrition of their original Vega One meal replacement powder, all for 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and only 10 grams of sugar. The ingredients are very clean, completely natural and it even contains a green powder tso you get in all your nutrients while enjoying flavors like chocolate, berry, and chocolate raspberry!

Learn more here myvega.com

I always suggest heading over to your produce department before picking up a processed snack. I like to opt for carrots, celery sticks, and grape tomatoes for filling easy-to go treats, but if you want something more salty, sweet or filling, check out the options above too. So you tell me, what’s your favorite snack to pick up on the go when you want a healthy choice?

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Ummm another one I always grab is the baked snap pea crisps they are like chips but healthier and you can buy them in flavors like Caesar salad and sun dried tomato.

Yes! I swear by the chobani 100 coffee and dark chocolate yogurts! Lost 10 lbs so far! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Don't like chobani but yo plait Greek is better and has lower sugar

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