7 Best Malay Foods That You've Got to Try ...

The best Malay food you can ever find is obviously in Malaysia. If you ever get the opportunity to visit incredible Malaysia, there is some must-have, best Malay food that would feel absolutely wrong if you didn't try them. And if you don't, well, then you can just hope that your local Asian restaurant nearby serves great authentic Malaysian food.

1. Nasi Lemak

I would put this on the Malaysian flag if I could. Yes, it's that significant. It's the best Malay food by far. It kind of puts people off when you translate to English because it just means "fat rice". But rest assured, the rice is cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf, and the "fat" comes form the fact the rice is so plump and fluffed up. It's normally served with boiled eggs, anchovies, peanuts and sambal.

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