7 DIY Steps to Making an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner for Two ...


7 DIY Steps to Making an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner for Two ...
7 DIY Steps to Making an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner for Two ...

If you’re serving Thanksgiving for two people this year, try some tips I have to make an easy Thanksgiving for Two! Thanksgiving is the day most people cook up a ton of food, but if it’s just you and another special person, you might find yourself overwhelmed with recipes that serve large groups of people, or feeling pressure to cook a lot of food just because its Thanksgiving. You don’t have to resort to eating sandwiches to avoid the headache either. Just take these easy tips for enjoying an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner for Two. I used these myself several years ago when making Thanksgiving for my Dad, who lived alone. It was so simple and actually, very enjoyable too.

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Make a List

For starters, make a list of what foods you’d like to have for your easy Thanksgiving for two. Don’t leave any food out! Just write down 3-5 different things you think you might like to make.


Search Recipes

Now, just search recipes for those foods and try to choose ones that contain minimal ingredients so you save money on your grocery trip. It also gives you ideas for more simple recipes than just larger recipes you might be accustomed to.


Keep Things Simple

When searching for recipes, keep more simple ideas in mind. Instead of a luxurious stuffed turkey, pick a simple roasted one with fresh herbs instead. Instead of a sweet potato souffle, how about some mashed sweet potatoes you can sweeten yourself? Keeping recipes simple is a great way to reduce your grocery bill.


Cut Recipes

After you’ve found your recipes, now cut them in half or even fourths. If you’re having a hard time, try this Culinary Conversion Chart I like at About.com which you can find here:culinaryarts.about.com . It’s easy to use and see how you can cut ingredients in half to reduce the amount your recipe makes. You don’t need to make a 16 serving recipe for two people. A four serving dish will be just fine, plus give you leftovers!


Write out Your Grocery List

Now that you have your recipes, write out your grocery list and buy only what you need, depending on your recipes and how you cut ingredients. For instance, you might not need to buy a huge turkey or large can of green beans. How about a small turkey breast and a small can instead? Also, try to find coupons as best you can for smaller items which will save you money as well.


Keep It Intimate

For a dinner for two, I like to make things personable and intimate to make it special. Make name cards, and buy a couple pretty napkin rings and holders. Perhaps some nice glass dishes too, that you can even find at many dollar stores these days. You don’t need to eat off paper plates just because it’s the two of you. Make it special!


Decorate a Little

I also suggest placing some flowers on the table, and perhaps lighting some candles. It makes it feel special, despite the fact it’s only the two of you. Decorating isn't hard and can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. Go simple but go special!

Being thankful for your blessings is what life is all about, as you know. If you’re having a special dinner with just two people, or even three, keep things simple, but also make them special. If you serve a Thanksgiving dinner for two, what tip would you give to the rest of us?

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