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7 Ingredients to Make an Amazing Salt-Free Seasoning Blend Right at Home ...

By Heather

I like a little flavor with my food, and I’m pretty crazy about certain salt-free seasoning mixes out there. After all, just because a food is healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste boring! On the other hand, just to make a food taste great, you don’t need to douse it in salt or spice blends that are loaded with salt. Many condiments are also huge sources of sodium in the diet, and while we need sodium in certain amounts, these blends and condiments aren’t the healthy way to get it. Instead, turn to some of nature’s finest ingredients to create a salt-free seasoning blend at home! If you have these 7 ingredients in your pantry or fridge, you can easily make this in five minutes. If you don't have these ingredients, they're very inexpensive to purchase in stores. Making your own means you’ll have a large supply of salt-free seasoning to use on entrees, veggies, salads or anything else you like. Making your own is also much cheaper than buying a blend since you'll have plenty of the ingredients left over for other uses. Plus, all your friends and family will be asking what your signature ingredient was!

1 Black Pepper

Black PepperLet’s start with one of the best, most basic salt-free seasoning ingredients to use. Black pepper is where it’s at, ladies! I love the uplifting flavor of black pepper, and it tastes great on most anything. Plus, it actually enhances your metabolism as a side bonus. For enough seasoning to make a 2 ounce spice jar full of salt-free seasoning, use about 2 tsp. black pepper.

2 Oregano

OreganoOregano is that Italian herb that most of us just love, and don’t even know it. Oregano offers a deep flavor that pairs well with most any entree, side or salad. Plus, it has actually been proven to enhance the taste experience of food, enhance digestion and has more antioxidants per teaspoon than blueberries! Oregano also has a good bit of mind benefits due to its Vitamin B6 content, and aphrodisiac qualities. Perhaps this is why they say Italian food truly is love food! Use 1 tbsp. for your salt-free seasoning blend.


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3 Onion Powder

Onion PowderOnion powder is easy to find, and it offers this delicious flavor that adds depth, spice, a slight sweetness and overall, just a great flavor. Add 1 tsp. per salt-free seasoning recipe.

4 Basil

BasilBasil is another one of my favorite ingredients to use in a salt-free seasoning. With all the spicy and deeper flavors above, basil lightens things up a bit with a calming taste, and a quite healthy one at that! Basil adds just a slight touch of savory and sweet, which makes it perfect for any salt-free seasoning blend. Plus, basil actually fights bacteria in the body, so you can use this seasoning as a weapon against those nasty winter and summer bugs too! Use 2 tsp. per salt-free seasoning blend.

5 Paprika

PaprikaPaprika is an excellent flavor booster for your salt-free seasoning blend. Use just ½ tsp. to add a kick to your salt-free seasoning blend, and for the best flavor, I suggest using smoked paprika, which has a deeper flavor profile.

6 Garlic Powder

Garlic PowderAlong with onion powder, garlic powder makes everything taste better. Use 1 tsp. for your salt-free seasoning blend. As a bonus, garlic helps detoxify the liver and has a host of antioxidants. Just be sure to buy unsalted garlic powder, since it comes in both salted and plain varieties.

7 Cinnamon

CinnamonJust trust me on this one, okay ladies? Cinnamon adds a wonderful flavor profile to your salt-free seasoning blend, because of the way it works with the other flavors. Cinnamon offers both a savory and sweet taste, and when combined with the other ingredients, all taste buds on your palate are satisfied. Use 1 tsp. cinnamon for your blend.

If you have a salt-free seasoning blend, be sure to share it with me! I’d love to hear it! I personally love store bought versions too, like Mrs. Dash, but creating your own is really fun, and experimenting with different spices and herbs is the best part. What’s your favorite salt-free seasoning blend?


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