The Best Ways to Eat Messy Foods on a Date ...


The Best Ways to Eat Messy Foods on a Date ...
The Best Ways to Eat Messy Foods on a Date ...

There's nothing more horrifying than embarrassing yourself on a date, which is why it's a good idea to learn the best ways to eat messy foods while you're sitting across the table from a new guy. Some foods, like sushi, are just hard to eat without making a mess. But, these easy hacks for eating messy foods will keep you looking like a lady without having to go hungry. Thanks to Reader's Digest for sharing these handy tips with us. Good luck!

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Cut up That Baked Potato

It might be tempting to scoop out the inside of a baked potato, but etiquette experts say that's not the polite way to do it. Instead, you should cut your baked potato into bite-size pieces and sprinkle it with salt and pepper, then eat one bite at a time. It's less messy this way.


Use Caution with Pasta

You'd probably be pretty mortified if you slurped spaghetti and got the sauce all over your face. You don't have to skip the pasta, but consider ordering noodles that are easier to eat than long pieces of spaghetti. Try penne, bow-tie or elbow macaroni dishes.


Remove Bones from a Whole Fish

Whole fish is a gourmet meal choice that is perfect for date night. However, that means you might come across a few tiny bones as you eat. Experts say to use your fork and simply set them to the side of your plate. This way you don't have to mutilate your fish before eating it and you won't be stuck accidentally eating a bone when you don't want to.


Skip the Chopsticks for Sushi

Nothing spells disaster like trying to use chopsticks when you don't know how. Expert sushi chefs say it's totally fine to pick up sushi rolls with your fingers. If that just doesn't feel right, go ahead and use a fork.


Eating sushi should be about the enjoyment of the flavors, not about struggling with utensils. Remember, in Japan, it is traditional to eat sushi with hands, particularly nigiri - slices of fish atop a mound of vinegared rice. Just make sure your hands are clean, and pinch the piece between your thumb and middle finger, using your index for support. When it comes to dipping in soy sauce, less is more. Aim to lightly dip the fish part of the sushi into the sauce to avoid overpowering the delicate balance of flavors. And always, be careful not to disassemble that beautifully crafted roll!


Eat Tacos with Your Hands

You'll just look weird if you try cutting up a crunchy taco. All guys will expect you to pick them up with your hands and eat them that way so don't be embarrassed. Then, use your fork to eat any fillings that have fallen out of the taco shell.


Skip the Hot Wings

Unfortunately, there's really no way to eat hot wings without making a mess. Most dating experts caution against ordering them on a first date. If your new guy wants to order them anyway, go ahead and indulge with him, but keep a stack of napkins nearby and try to eat neatly. Who knows? Maybe you'll bond over buffalo wing sauce on your faces.


No Slurping Ice Cream

Ice cream is a pretty safe bet on a date because everyone likes it. However, you'll embarrass yourself if you let it get melty and then slurp it up. Be sure to eat your ice cream fairly quickly so you can avoid a noisy mess at the bottom of the bowl. If you can't help slurping, try eating your ice cream with a fork. Problem solved!

What other tricky foods can be a date disaster? Got any more tips to share?

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