Cheers It's National Egg Nog Day ...


As a Brit, I‘m very jealous that this is a national holiday observed in the US on December 24th. I love egg nog and have a wee bit of a proprietorial attitude towards it, as the drink is believed to have originated in merry old England.

Time for a wee lesson in etymology first. Egg nog (or Eggnog – it’s interchangeable) was either something some clever stick invented or it developed from posset. The word nog comes from “noggin,” which was a small carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol (I wonder where the phrase “use your noggin” comes from then? – as that relates to engaging your brain!). But the Medieval Brits also called egg nog, egg flip, thanks to the method of “flipping” it between two pitchers to mix it.

What is it? Egg nog is essentially an alcoholic runny custard. It’s made with milk or cream and sugar, and of course eggs, which are whipped to make the drink frothy. You can use rum or brandy, or even bourbon as your spirit. A sprinkling of cinnamon or nutmeg gives the finishing touch.

Need a killer egg nog recipe? Click here.

So raise your glass, and all together now – after three – 1… 2… 3… Happy Egg Nog Day!


Fun Fact: Egg nog caused a riot! Between 23rd and 25th December 1826, cadets smuggled whiskey into the United States Military Academy for an Egg nog Christmas Day party. 20 cadets and one enlisted soldier were court-martialed.

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I really dislike eggnog ! No affense to eggnog luhers

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