Crazy Cookie Tutorials You'll Want to Gobble Right up ...


Cooking making is a science and decorating them is an art form. I love browsing tutorials for recipes and decorating ideas because I suck at cookie decorating. Some of these require specific cookie cutters, I'll grant you, but not all of them, and they're all awe-worthy, especially if you're on the prowl for inventive decorating ideas. Enjoy!

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Pizza Cookies

You've got to love a delicious cookie that happens to look like another delicious food.


Candy Crush Cookies

Yes! Your obsession with Candy Crush can now extend to your cookies!


Ramen Cookies

Don't worry. Not what you're thinking.


Shopkins Cookies

These are adorable, and ideal for anyone who loves the little Shopkins.


Easter Bunny Cookies

Try these next year – or if you simply want to make some bunnies. Bunnies are never a bad idea.


Emoji Cookies

These are surprisingly easy – in theory. I have a feeling I'd come up with a fail.


Cupcake Cookies

The decorating in this tutorial is so easy to follow! These are delicious and gorgeous, so they might become your signature cookies.


Owl Cookies

Ditto these. The owls are so pretty – they remind me of Lisa Frank!


Teddy Bear Cookies

SweetAmbsCookies strikes again with a lovely, inventive tutorial!


Rainbow Heart Cookies

These are bright little works of art!


Poo Cookies

What? Like these wouldn't be a hit with your friends.


Elephant Cookie

Elephants! These are so adorable, they classify as “adorbs,” even!


Meringue Cookies

These are sophisticated-seeming enough to pass for fancy, but they're actually easy – also light, airy, and quite yummy.


All the Christmas Cookies

Just to be ready.


Fortune Cookies

The best part? Writing your own fortunes, of course. You can buy the traditional little strips, I'm pretty sure, but going DIY rogue is a much better option.


3d Flower Cookies

Charli is a boss baker. These cookies are masterpieces!


Sugar Cookie Recipe

Because so many of these stunning designs work perfectly with sugar cookies, you see.

What's the coolest cookie design you've ever made, seen, or eaten?

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These all look so good

Cute Cookies:p

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