9 Creamy Foods That Are Healthy and Satisfying Too ...


Most of the time we think of creamy foods as huge no-nos for a healthy diet, right? Believe it or not though, there are many creamy foods that are satisfying and healthy for you too! You don’t have to turn to mac and cheese or mashed potatoes to get your creamy foods fix. Just opt for some of these more waistline-friendly choices instead!

1. Nonfat Yogurt

Nonfat Yogurt

Yogurt is fantastic for you, and it’s one of the best creamy foods to satisfy your sweet tooth too! Plus, since yogurt is high in protein, it tricks your body into thinking you’re full with fewer calories. For the creamiest option, stick to Greek yogurt and be sure to choose unsweetened varieties.

Sugar-free Frozen Yogurt
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