20 Delectable Cuisines of the World to Tickle Your Taste Buds ...


Food has always been a major factor in every culture, but in the last few decades, cuisines of the world have migrated from their original homes to become known all over. Food knows no boundaries or borders, and thanks to food imports/exports, no cuisine is unachievable in our own kitchens. Check if you have cookbooks representing these cuisines of the world in your collection.

1. Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

One of the oldest cuisines of the world is Italian. Everyone associates Italian cuisine with pizza, pasta and ice cream but in reality, Italian food is hugely variable, and something that probably isn’t so well known is that food in Italy is distinctively regional, with 20 regions. Wherever you might be though, you can usually expect an Italian meal to be structured as follows: Antipasto (appetizer), primo (rice or pasta), second (meat) and dolce (dessert). Famous for Parmesan cheese and Parma Ham, Italy actually produces more than 400 types of cheeses and 300 different types of sausages.

Thai Cuisine
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