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If you’re looking for an exotic and healthy cuisine, try Persian food! Whether you’re in a diet rut or looking to spice things up, Persian food is an excellent cuisine when maintaining your weight and following a healthy eating plan. If you haven’t tried this delectable cuisine yet, you’re completely missing out! Here are seven delicious reasons to give Persian food a shot.

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Gluten Free

With all the wheat-free trends going on these days, it’s great to know that Persian food also follows suit. For those of you who have an allergy to wheat, it can sometimes be hard to find foods or cuisines that don’t require a ton of modifications. What’s great about Persian food is that most of it is already gluten-free. With rice as the main starch, you don’t have to worry about finding substitutions for bread or pasta like in other cuisines. If you suffer from a wheat allergy or Celiac Disease, Persian cuisine could be a great alternative for you.


Loaded with Fruits and Vegetables

Do you struggle to get the recommended five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Persian food makes eating fruits and veggies much easier. Almost all of the main dishes, soups, and stews are loaded with healthy veggies and herbs. Persian food also loves to include healthy salads of tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. For snacks, Persians often consume fruits and raw nuts. If you’re looking for other options besides your standard meat and potato meal, try Persian food.


Probiotic Friendly

Surely you’ve heard the latest news about the importance of probiotics in your diet. These gut-friendly, healthy bacteria promote digestion, boost immunity, and are overall great for your health. With the standard American diet, often we don’t get enough probiotics. The good news is Persian food incorporates plenty of probiotics! Rich in good bacteria, plain yogurt is a typical part of the Persian diet and served with many main courses.


Rich in Monounsaturated Fat

Gone are the days of low-fat, no fat, and fat free! As we learn more about food and nutrition, we’re noticing a low-fat diet isn’t as great as it was once thought to be. The latest diet trends encourage a moderate consumption of healthy fats. Like other Mediterranean diets, Persian food makes ample use of olive oil, which is a great source of monounsaturated fat. Try this cuisine if you’re looking for a new way to get more healthy fat into your diet.


High in Protein

Recent studies show a diet high in protein is great for maintaining lean muscle mass, controlling appetite, and reducing cravings. Persian food makes use of both animal and plant protein sources. Whether you enjoy a savory lamb stew with greens and herbs or a delicious soup of chickpeas and black beans, everyone can benefit from high protein Persian dishes. Both vegetarians and meat eaters alike will enjoy the variety of protein from Persian food.


Easy Cuisine for Impressing and Entertaining

Looking for a meal that will impress and entertain guests? If you’re hosting a dinner party, Persian food is a great way to go. For one thing, Persian food doesn’t use many fancy ingredients—you can probably find most basic foods at your local grocery store. Moreover, Persian soups and stews can easily be made in one pot, so there’s no need for using multiple burners on your stove. If you have a pot and a rice cooker, Persian food is a fool-proof choice.


Perfect Blend of Sweet and Savory

People who try Persian food for the first time often say that it’s not one particular ingredient that’s striking about the cuisine, but rather the creative and innovative flavor combinations. Persian food is known for combining sweet and sour flavors to create unique dishes that make other cuisines pale in comparison. Who would have thought walnut and pomegranates would make a hearty and satisfying chicken stew? If you’re looking to wake up your palette, try the delicious flavors of Persian cuisine.

This isn’t to say that Persian food is the only good ethnic food out there. Experiment with other cuisines and cultures until you find the perfect diet and flavor profile that works for you! Do you eat Persian food or other ethnic food on a regular basis? What are some of your favorite dishes?

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Im persian and yes our food is delicious And healthy my fiancé is Macedonian and loves it when i cook persian food or when we go to my parents place for lunch or dinner i think every one should give it a go

Happy new year!

Im half persian and half italian but lets just say im persian because i love Iran and im proud to say it:) so this is amazing!! Happy new year!

Tahdig so good

Where would I find a Persian restaurant in the inland empire ??

proud persiaan

I'm Persian and iranian food is DELICIOUS yaay rice and kholesh ❤️

Lol wow I'm Persian and I never even knew all these benefits of my everyday diet! It's so regular to me I guess, but while I was reading, I was thinking of all the foods including those ingredients. Let me tell you, there are plenty! No wonder why my doctor is always blown away by how healthy I am and she always asks, "what's you're secret?!" I never had one but now I know that it's just all the food I eat. Lol good to know

Ghormeh sabzi mmMmm

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