10 Delish πŸ˜‹ Water Recipes πŸ’¦ for Girls Who Don't like It Plain πŸ“ ...


Most of us don’t drink enough water (enough meaning roughly half a gallon (two liters) of water per day). It’s easy to reach for tea, soda, lemonade, or a glass of wine instead of giving your body what it needsβ€”a natural detoxifier and metabolism booster, AKA water. But what if water tasted delicious? It can! With any of these recipes, I’m sure you’ll crave water more than ever before.

1. Chia Fresca

Chia Fresca

First of all, you may be wondering β€œWhy add chia seeds to my water?” There isn’t a simple answer to that, because chia seeds have so many benefits it’s hard to summarize them! According to Webmd, chia seeds are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle because they’re full of omega-3s, fiber, protein, calcium, and antioxidants. So not only are you getting delicious strawberry-flavored water with this drink, you’re also getting tons of nutrients while staying hydrated!

Recipe: theskinnyfork.com

Autumn Infused Water
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