19 Butterbeer Recipes Harry Potter Lovers Will Rejoice over ...


19 Butterbeer Recipes Harry Potter Lovers Will Rejoice over ...
19 Butterbeer Recipes Harry Potter Lovers Will Rejoice over ...

Hogwarts students may have to take a trip to the Three Broomsticks to enjoy their favorite drink but you don’t have to. You can get a butterbeer fix in so many ways with an array of fantastic recipes in your food spell book. Altogether now, flick and swish your wand and say accio butterbeer.

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Traditional Butterbeer

drink, lighting, candle, food, flavor, Of course, there is no point in trying all of these great recipes if you have never sampled a recreation of the original beverage! This will definitely have your mouth watering!



Butterbeer Pancakes

food, dish, meal, breakfast, dessert, Pancakes were a staple of the delicious Hogwarts' breakfast feasts, but not even Harry and co. could dream of such a mouthwatering recipe!



Butterbeer Fudge

food, fudge, dairy product, dessert, coconut, I can definitely see Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall sharing a square or two of this fudgy treat at the end of a hard day of wizardry!



Vegan Butterbeer

drink, milkshake, food, alcoholic beverage, dessert, With all the fantastic beasts mentioned in HP, we never hear of the humble cow, so there must surely be some vegans in the wizarding world. Ven potterheads can enjoy butterbeer too.



Boozy Butterbeer Jellopops

dessert, lighting, food, flower, earrings, This is certainly a recipe that would have Fred and George’s mischievous seal of approval: jellopops with a bit of a twist! (Contains alcohol)



Butterbeer Popcorn

food, meal, snack food, breakfast, produce, This is the kind of recipe that Fred and George Weasley would have had a blast with. They’d use magic to make the popcorn pop that little but too hard, risking injury to all around!



Butterbeer Pocky

food, dessert, dish, snack food, baked goods, These amazing butterbeer pocky would be the perfect studying aid for Hogwarts students; they could snack on something delicious and mark their spot in a book at the same time!



Butterbeer Sandwich Cookies

food, dish, meal, breakfast, cookies and crackers, These cookies are the perfect accompaniment for any student studying hard for their OWL exams. Even Hermione wouldn’t have been able to resist taking her eyes off revision for a few minutes to chow down!



Butterbeer Ice Cream Sandwiches

food, dish, meal, breakfast, dessert, These ice cream sandwiches are ideal all year round, whether they are to help cool you down whilst watching the summer Quidditch World Cup or to fill you up by the fire over Christmas break!



Butterbeer Salted Tarts

color, food, dessert, These scrumptious tarts are exactly the kind of treat I can imagine Molly Weasley making for all of her hungry brood down at The Burrow.



Butterbeer Cupcakes

Harry Potter, food, dessert, baking, meal, I can just picture these beautiful cupcakes covering a table at one of the great Hogwarts banquets. No doubt during a speech where Dumbledore awards Harry some extra points for Gryffindor, winning them the house cup!



Butterbeer Potted Cream

food, dish, dessert, dairy product, ice cream,


Butterbeer and Treacle Cupcakes

food, dessert, cake, cupcake, icing, You can never have too many cupcake recipes, and these are suited to Death Eaters because they are quite literally death by frosting!



Butterbeer Pudding Cookies

food, dessert, baked goods, cookies and crackers, breakfast, These cookies are big and boisterous but have a soft, chewy center. Much like everybody’s favorite half giant: dear Hagrid!



Butterbeer Creamsicles

finger, food, tooth, hand, macro photography, Florean Fortescue would have done a roaring trade in Diagon Alley if he had these on his menu alongside his butterbeer ice cream (See next recipe)



Butterbeer Ice Cream

Team SBH, dish, food, breakfast, dessert, Sweet and creamy and rather dreamy. Who needs a love potion when you can share a bowl of a delicious frozen treat. Even Dolores Umbridge would seem sweeter after a bowl of this.



Butterbeer Quidditch Cake

food, dessert, dish, meal, breakfast, What better way to celebrate the best sport in the wizarding world than with the best flavor in the wizarding world? It’s a match made in heaven! That’s one golden snitch Harry won’t mind swallowing.



Butterbeer Macaroons

food, plant, produce, dessert, sweetness, A sweet treat worthy of being served in Miss Puddifoots tea shop. Harry and Cho's date would have been so much better if he'd ordered a plate of these.



Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

food, drink, lighting, meal, dessert, Trust me, there would be no need for any love potions if the students at Hogwarts could get their hands on this sumptuous hot chocolate recipe!



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