Travel around the World in 17 Late Night Snacks for Adventurous Girls ...

By Neecey

Travel around the World in 17 Late Night Snacks  for Adventurous Girls ...

What’s your favorite midnight snack? We might all have our individual favorites, but as nations we do have a trend. Of course, this is highly generalized but come with me on a journey around the world in late night snacks.

1 Japan – Udon

food, dish, chow mein, cuisine, chinese noodles, Udon is the perfect international late night snack because not only is it simple to make, it is also insanely satisfying and packs equal amounts of comfort and amazing taste!


2 Colombia – Pan De Yuca

food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce, This is a sensational cheese bread that Colombians love to snack on, and although we are always told not to eat cheese just before we go to bed, you won’t be able to resist breaking the rule with this dish!


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3 Brazil – Cachorro Quente

dish, food, grass family, fish, cuisine, You may think that you are well versed in the world of hot dogs, but until you have tried a traditional Brazilian dog known as a cachorro quente, you simply haven’t lived!


4 Germany – Doner Kebab

food, dish, tostada, cuisine, salad, Though the doner kebab is something that is popular throughout Europe, there is something about the sandwich-like nature of the German variety that makes it absolutely perfect for a late-night snack.


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5 India – Masala Noodles

food, dish, chinese noodles, cuisine, chow mein, Masala noodles are effortlessly simple to make and pack a flavorful punch that takes your taste buds straight to the heart of Indian cuisine, all from the comfort of your own home at midnight!


6 Greece – Loukoumades

food, dish, fried food, dessert, cuisine, If sweet snacks are more your vice, then you will definitely want to go Greek for the night and indulge in some of these heavenly honey soaked donuts!


7 Spain – Fuet

food, meat, dish, sausage, cuisine, This type of season Spanish sausage has long been incorporated in to different late night savory snacks, and this recipe involving baked eggs and mushrooms will have you salivating!


8 United States – Disco Fries

food, dish, meal, breakfast, belgian waffle, Originating in New Jersey, this over the top fries dish might seem crazy at first with its gravy and cheese, but trust me, once you try, you will never go back!


9 Russia – Pelmeni

food, dish, pierogi, khinkali, dumpling, Russians are very into their comfort food, and it doesn’t come much better than these moreish meaty dumplings with a sour cream sauce.


10 Mexico – Tlayudas

dish, food, produce, plant, fruit, This delicious tortilla based snack is considered classic street food in Mexico, but don’t let that put you off. It packs a whole lot of punch and is the perfect midnight snack!


11 China – Jianbing

food, dish, cuisine, meal, produce, This is the closest thing you can get in China to a sort of breakfast time crepe, so with the time difference, this delicious jianbing will make for the perfect late snack on the other side of the world!


12 Nigeria – Grilled Suya

food, dish, fried food, meat, cuisine, Suya is a traditional Nigerian snack food that involves covering strips of meat in amazing spices and grilling it to perfection. If that doesn’t sound good to you, then nothing will!


13 Canada – Poutine

food, dish, dessert, produce, breakfast, Poutine is kind of similar to the USA’s very own disco fries, but be careful, don’t let a Canadian catch you saying that!


14 Lebanon – Manoushe

food, dish, produce, plant, land plant, This is an awesome take on a breakfast pizza that is covered in heaps of heavenly herbs and spices.


15 Italy – Garlic Spaghetti

food, spaghetti, cuisine, dish, carbonara, Sure, garlic might not be the most ideal food to eat right before bed, but the temptation of this simple but elegant late night snack will be too much for you!


16 West Africa – Fura Da Nono

art, food, pattern, baking, material, If you would rather sip than chew late at night, why not try your hand at this traditional West African yoghurt drink that will really sooth your soul!


17 United Kingdom – Cheese Board

food, dish, baked goods, meal, breakfast, The Brits love to ignore warnings about cheese before bed by indulging in a good old-fashioned cheese board with crackers and chutneys! Guilty!


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Pfff canadian create the poutine before us did

I've never heard of disco fries, only poutine. In my opinion we are posers regarding this delicious CANADIAN dish

kebab doner is not a German thing :P



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