17 Mind-blowing Salad Cakes for Girls Who Cant Stand Salad ...

By Heather

17 Mind-blowing Salad Cakes for Girls Who Cant Stand Salad ...

Just as some of us think salad is utterly scrumptious, some girls just hate salad. They can't stand it! Is that you? It's cool, if so – everybody's different! What do you dislike about it, though? I only ask because sometimes, a dish presented in a different way with lots of yummy ingredients can make you reconsider! Salad cakes might make a salad lover out of you. They're just what they sound like – salads made to look like cakes. I mean, like sugary, sweet, delicious, beautifully decorated cakes. How could you not want a slice?

Table of contents:

  1. oh yes, those are veggies
  2. how cool and hip is this?
  3. some edible flowers
  4. salad, anyone?
  5. chopped #saladcake
  6. i'd eat this
  7. no dairy, just some beets
  8. all the spirals
  9. little tomato and egg
  10. all veggies
  11. the place of happiness
  12. little flower and a little veg
  13. l'il radish anyone?
  14. a beautiful display
  15. a cup of salad
  16. small, cute salad cakes
  17. smoked salmon salad

1 Oh Yes, Those Are Veggies

food, dessert, cake, produce, torte, Want to serve up the perfect autumn salad? Try a different kind of “carrot cake” – get it?!

2 How Cool and Hip is This?

dish, food, meal, produce, torte, You know what the say: the more colorful your meal, the healthier it is!

3 Some Edible Flowers

dish, food, produce, meal, salad,@kateandkimi

Edible flowers are the perfect finishing touch atop any salad or cake – or any salad cake, for that matter!

4 Salad, Anyone?

flower, buttercream, torte, icing, floristry,@florette_be

Which one of these would you slice into first? I'm torn between the cucumber cake and that pretty purple confection!

5 Chopped #saladcake

dish, produce, food, meal, salad,@mami_pon

This is a lovely rustic salad cake – a simple layer salad carefully and prettily molded.

6 I'd Eat This

pink, food, fondant, torte, cake,@lidija_fairbanks

I mean, I'd probably eat this all by myself. Sorry, not sorry!

7 No Dairy, Just Some Beets

dish, food, produce, meal, ais kacang,@eliitaina

No gluten, either, but lots of color and plenty of flavor!

8 All the Spirals

food, dish, meal, cake, produce,@shenej_rayee

The patience it must have taken to arrange all those layers...

9 Little Tomato and Egg

food, dish, meal, torte, produce,@bngson

This looks too perfect to eat, doesn't it?

10 All Veggies

flower, floristry, pink, plant, floral design,@taste.jpg

This is absolutely stunning – definitely the statement piece of the meal, it could even double as an edible centerpiece!

11 The Place of Happiness

meal, dish, food, breakfast, meat,@2shco4

This is everything I've ever loved all in one place and I just want to taste everything right now.

12 Little Flower and a Little Veg

food, torte, baked goods, dessert, icing,@lovefoodibiza

This is a truly massive cake, though – FYI, ingredients include roasted veggies, rye bread, labneh, and avocado pesto, yum!

13 L'il Radish Anyone?

food, dish, meal, torte, dessert,@sidechef

I'm not even overly fond of radishes, but I would totally try this – this is a gorgeous little cake, even down to the “decorations” and garnish!

14 A Beautiful Display

flower, plant, flower bouquet, floristry, floral design, Honestly, this is the prettiest plate I've ever seen – it's so vibrant, so not only is it healthy, but it appeals to pretty much all of the senses!

15 A Cup of Salad

food, dish, produce, meal, vegetable, Oh, this looks delicious – I want to have this every single day, I think salad cakes have the potential to make my diet so much healthier.

16 Small, Cute Salad Cakes

food, produce, dish, plant, flowering plant, Not only are these the cutest little salad cakes, but this is a stunning photo, too!

17 Smoked Salmon Salad

food, dish, meal, baked goods, produce, The rose on top is a gorgeous touch, don't you think?

Have you ever tried a salad cake? Ever made one? You better share! If you've never made one, maybe it's time to try – you can use any ingredients you want, you can make any kind of cake, have as many layers as you like, include fruits, cheeses, grains, nuts, bread, and dressings – the possibilities are endless! I kind of hope this trend lasts a while!

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