7 Different Varieties of Green Tea You Should Try ...


Although all green tea is made from the unfermented tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, there are many different varieties of green tea, and they each have their own unique flavor profile. Some varieties of green tea are very bitter and strong, while other varieties are almost sweet and mellow. Because of the many variations of flavor among the different types of green tea, there is something for everyone. So, if you have tried green tea and not liked it very much, you should try other varieties. You just may come across a type of green tea you love.

1. Gunpowder Tea

Gunpowder Tea

You should definitely include gunpowder green tea in your list of different varieties of green tea to try. This tea originated in the Zhejiang province of China, and it has a very unique appearance. The leaves are rolled to look like small balls that are thought to resemble gunpowder. When hot water is poured over the tea the leaves uncurl and you are left with a pungent tea that is strong and earthy.

Sencha Tea
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