7 Ways to Make Hot Chocolate Look and Taste like It Came from a Coffee Shop ...


Would you love to know some ways to make hot chocolate look and taste like it came from a coffee shop? This is something most people would love to know. Nothing beats a creamy cup of gorgeously decorated hot chocolate. These are some ways to make hot chocolate look and taste like it came from a coffee shop.

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Make It from Scratch

Make It from Scratch If you truly want to enjoy hot chocolate in the best form, you have to make it from scratch. Pre-packaged stuff just doesn’t compare. There are many great recipes for hot chocolate that you can try. I’ve had great luck with the recipe by Hershey’s. One of the first ways to make hot chocolate look and taste like it came from a coffee shop is to make it homemade.


Keep Whipped Cream on Hand

Keep Whipped Cream on Hand Girls, this is where it’s at. Hot chocolate is going to go up a zillion notches when you add whipped cream to it. As lovely as marshmallows are in hot chocolate, whipped cream tops them. Skip Cool Whip for this, too. Cool Whip is great for many different recipes but for hot chocolate, go for the whipped cream in a can.


Drizzle with Chocolate Syrup

Drizzle with Chocolate Syrup Once you get your whipped cream going, add a tiny little drizzle of chocolate syrup. This just adds a punch of stronger chocolate and ups the decorative factor. If you want to make your drizzle thinner, you may need to purchase a different bottle than the one your chocolate syrup came in. Picnic style ketchup and mustard bottles work well for this. Anything with a tiny nozzle will do the trick.


Sprinkle Cocoa Powder or Sprinkles on Top

Sprinkle Cocoa Powder or Sprinkles on Top If you want to make your hot chocolate even more decorated, and who doesn’t, then try this trick. Sprinkle some straight cocoa powder or sprinkles on top. If you’re going to go for the straight cocoa powder trick, go lightly.Cocoa powder is strong and probably only the die-hard chocoholics will like this. A pepper shaker is the perfect way to deliver cocoa powder to your hot chocolate.


Add a Shot of Flavor

Add a Shot of Flavor Want to kick your hot chocolate up a notch? Add a shot of flavor to it. I’ve personally tried raspberry, caramel, pumpkin and peppermint syrups added to mine and love them all, although the raspberry is probably my favorite. There are many more possibilities, too. You can add as little or as much as you want.


Serve It up in Your Favorite Mug

Serve It up in Your Favorite Mug Hot chocolate just isn’t as good if it isn’t in a pretty mug. Let this be a treat to your day and enjoy your hot chocolate in a favorite mug. If you don’t have any that you love, it’s time to go shopping. Go for a mug that makes you feel happy inside when you look at it. Thermal cups are great, too.


Mix It up

Mix It up If you want to try something really different with your hot chocolate, there are options. You could try white hot chocolate or a mocha hot chocolate. Mexican hot chocolate has a burst of cinnamon which is really yummy. There are even recipes for hot chocolate made with Nutella. All of these are great options to enjoy.

These are 7 ways you can make your hot chocolate look and taste like it came from a coffee shop. What are your secret tricks for this? I would love for you would share!

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My uni does an amazing soya milk hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup...it tastes just like Nutella in a mug.

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