9 Drinks That Will Make Your Home Bar as Stylish as Your Closet ...

By Sasa

9 Drinks That Will Make Your Home Bar as Stylish as Your Closet ...

If you're looking for some new ideas for drinks, check out guest contributor Sasa Muzga's list of fancy drinks that are sure to impress.

Are you always on top of the latest fashion trends but stick to the good ol' classics when it comes to alcohol, like gin and tonic for example? As much as we love gin (and can even recommend some excellent bottles of Gin to stock, there are a few more drinks that could make your home bar as trendy as your wardrobe.

1 Little Black Dress: 12 YO Single Malt Scotch

Little Black Dress: 12 YO Single Malt Scotch When in doubt, you can always rely on your LBD for style and sophistication. The LBD of spirits is a 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Highlands or Lowlands. Although there are many excellent blended whiskies around, single malts remain a special category. One of them should therefore be the staple of every spirits cabinet. Labels like Glenmorangie and Glengariotch are classics.

2 The Go-to Heels: Cognac

The Go-to Heels: Cognac A pair of beautifully crafted stilettos, like nude pumps in spring-summer and your favorite black ones in autumn-winter, can change any outfit from casual to radiant.

Cognac is the king of brandies and is only produced in the Cognac region of France. It is exclusive and is sure to make anyone feel pampered. Add an orange slice and you're ready to go. You can’t go wrong with Hennessy Fine de Cognac.

As part of taking control over your health and wellbeing, it's important to pay attention to the amount of sugar you consume daily. Did you ever wonder how many grams of sugar are in a teaspoon? Understanding this can help you make healthier choices and avoid those sneaky sugars that add up throughout the day. No doubt, your body will thank you!

3 Warm Wool Scarf: Peated Whisky

Warm Wool Scarf: Peated Whisky Woolen scarves feel a bit rough on the skin, but they are an essential for those chilly nights and winter days. Peated Whisky is strong and flavorful with a distinct smoky smell that comes from treating barley with peat. It may not be for the faint-hearted, but it too, can keep you warm on a cold day. Go for labels like Big Peat.

4 The Trendy Piece: Spiced Rum

The Trendy Piece: Spiced Rum Rums with hints of spices like cinnamon, ginger, or clove, are not only one of the latest trends among spirits, they're affordable and work great with most Rum cocktails. Try Red leg and Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

5 The Upcoming Designer Piece: Absinthe

The Upcoming Designer Piece: Absinthe Sometimes we're lucky enough to find an independent boutique carrying great pieces by not-yet-famous designers (and not-yet-ridiculous price tags). Each time we wear it, we feel confident and sure about our sense of style.

Having Absinthe in your cabinet is a certain sign you know something about drinks. Absinthe was popularized among the sophisticated crowd in the 19th century. It was banned in the US and Europe in 1915 due to concerns of its addictive nature. Thankfully, the fear is gone, Absinthe is back and rapidly gaining popularity, due to its high alcohol level and the ritual(s) of enjoying it. One of them includes pouring absinthe in a glass over sugar and then lighting the alcohol-soaked sugar up. Label to look for: Absinthe Supreme.

6 The Holiday Souvenir: Cachaça

The Holiday Souvenir: Cachaça Browsing local markets with handmade fabrics, during a trip to some exotic place, is a true fashonista's dream. Discovering a gorgeous piece amongst dozens of handwoven patterns is an unforgettable moment.

Every time you open a bottle of Cachaça to mix yourself a caipirinha, samba will start to play and you’ll feel sun on your skin. It is a Brazilian version of rum with a distinct flavor of unrefined sugar cane. Label to look for: Sagatiba

7 Asian-inspired Piece: Japanese Whisky

Asian-inspired Piece: Japanese Whisky Japanese designs are all about mastery of craftsmanship. Think of hand-painted silk kimonos or even meticulously crafted everyday objects from sun umbrellas to kitchen knives.

Japanese Whisky is a perfectly crafted masterpiece too. It's highly loved among the most serious spirits aficionados. Label to look for: Nikka Whisky from the Barrel.

8 Italian Handcrafted Bag: Grappa

Italian Handcrafted Bag: Grappa Think of a lovely, colorful handcrafted leather bag, bought at the market in northern Italy. You may typically prefer sporting designer brands and a polished city look, but this bag is for special occasions.

Grappa is the Italian version of grape brandy, produced mostly in family-owned distilleries. It is strong, aromatic and delicious! Label to look for: Jacopo Poli Grappa di Sassicaia.

9 Grandma’s Knitted Wool Cardigan: Bourbon

Grandma’s Knitted Wool Cardigan: Bourbon Not something we'd wear on a date, but certainly a piece we will always have. It evokes a feeling of home.

Bourbon is American tradition in a bottle. Produced mostly in the Southern states, it's distilled with tradition and care. Label to look for: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon.

As in fashion, the trends also change in drinks. To make sure you stay on top of them, keep tasting and exploring.

What is the essential alcohol you always have in your drinks cabinet?

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