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7 Things to Look for in Your Smoothie ...

By Tara

As smoothies recipes are seen everywhere, you may be wondering what are the things to look for in your smoothie. Right now smoothies are very much the hype, partly because it is an easy way to pack a lot of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The other reason is that it can give your body a break in digesting vegetables so it can focus on other tasks like having a more active metabolic rate. But since there are so many recipes bouncing around, you may be confused as to which ones to integrate into your daily eating. So as your trainer and nutritionist, here are the things to look for in your smoothie so that you can get the most out of eating healthy:

1 Is Your Smoothie Green

Is Your Smoothie GreenIn order to get the most out of your green smoothie in terms of health, make sure it is green. Your smoothie should be composed of 80-90% greens. To sweeten the taste you can add some low sugar fruit. The green color of your smoothie is one of the most important things to look for in your smoothie.

2 What Fruits Are You Using

What Fruits Are You UsingIf your shake is comprised of a lot of high sugar fruit with a small handful of kale, you are really just have a high sugar fruit smoothie. Skip the high sugar fruits like oranges, limit bananas and choose fruits that have a lower glycemic index like apples, pears and berries. This will help you to get the most out of your healthy smoothie without racking up the calories.


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3 Add Supplements

Add SupplementsIf you add supplements you can enhance the health benefits of your smoothie. You can add chia seeds, flax seeds for added fiber and nuts or seeds for protein. This is a great way to boost the health of your smoothie.

4 Realize Your Smoothie May Not Taste Decadent

Realize Your Smoothie May Not Taste DecadentInitially when blending your smoothies, your body may crave a drink higher in sugar but the more you drink your greens, the faster your taste buds will adjust. Your drink may not taste decadent but if it is loaded with benefits you will enjoy it just knowing you are bettering your health!

5 You Have the Right Texture

You Have the Right TextureIn order to enjoy your daily smoothie and stick with it in your routine, you should like it and texture can be everything. If you like a smooth smoothie, try adding an avocado which has healthy fats and will smooth out the texture. If you enjoy your smoothie cold, add some ice. Whatever you do, find the smoothie consistency you enjoy the most and if it has all the health benefits, enjoy it!

6 Vary Your Ingredients

Vary Your IngredientsIf you had chia seeds for fiber in your smoothie one day, switch it up and add flax seed the next day and the same goes for your greens and fruits. Switch it up so you can provide your body different vitamins and minerals each day!

7 Count Your Calories

Count Your CaloriesJust make sure you are on the right track with your shake, count the calories and make sure this does not exceed 300 calories per serving. If you are choosing enough greens, it will not exceed this amount. And this will give you confidence knowing you are drinking a healthy and low calorie smoothie packed with nutritional benefits!

I hope these tips help you to create your healthy smoothies the right way! Do you drink a smoothie each day?

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