7 Edible Insects You Didn't Know You Could Eat ...

You may not have known, but there are around 1,900 edible insects used as food in different countries around the world. In Mexico, there are 547 species of edible insects alone! I have not yet ventured in to the culinary wonders that edible insects provide, but I must admit that knowing how nutritious, environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive they are has given me some food for thought (pun intended). If you're up for some adventure, take a peak at this tantalizing list of 7 edible insects that you had no idea you could eat!

1. Jiminy Cricket

I have never tasted them myself, but apparently crickets are one of the most popular edible insects around the world, and are a very common ingredient eaten in Thailand, Cambodia and Mexico. Eaten fried, sautΓ©ed, boiled and roasted, crickets have become a delicious culinary option! As an excellent source of protein, there are companies that are now producing protein bars that pack up to twenty-five roasted and milled crickets in each bar. I don’t know if I have enticed you to pick up a cricket for your afternoon post-workout snack, but a peanut butter and jelly flavored cricket bar may not be a bad choice, right?

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