7 Rare Tropical Fruits to Eat on Your Next Island Vacation ...


7 Rare Tropical Fruits to Eat on Your Next Island Vacation ...
7 Rare Tropical Fruits to Eat on Your Next Island Vacation ...

When you go on an island vacation it is so wonderful to indulge in the local food, including the rare tropical fruits that you can only find in tropical locations. Exotic fruits are very difficult to get anywhere else except the location they are grown in. If you are able to obtain them at your local grocery store, they are usually very expensive. This is why you should take advantage of the abundance of rare tropical fruits next time you go on vacation. They are all so delicious and unique, and you won’t be sorry you tried these delicious, exotic fruits.

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Rollinia Rollinia is one of the rare tropical fruits that you have to try when you have the opportunity. Because it ripens extremely fast, rollinia can’t be exported, which means you can only try this fruit where it is grown. Rollinia has a flavor that is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie, so you won’t want to miss a chance to try this fruit.



Sapodilla If you like brown sugar, you will love sapodillas. They are very sweet fruits that taste very similar to brown sugar. There are four varieties of sapodilla, and they are all equally delicious. Originally, sapodillas were only found in the West Indies, but now they can be found in many more locations. So, look for them on your travels.


Hawaii Mountain Apples

Hawaii Mountain Apples As their name suggests, Hawaii Mountain Apples are found in Hawaii. They are red fruits that have a sweet taste and a texture similar to pears. Unlike regular apples, Hawaii Mountain Apples have thin skins that require very gentle handling, which is why they are usually only found at farmer’s markets.



Rambutan Rambutans are very common in tropical locations, but if you have never seen them before, you will be surprised that they can even be eaten. Rambutan is a small round fruit that is covered in flexible spikes. Despite the spiky appearance of rambutans, they are a very tasty fruit to eat. You just have to cut them open to get to the sweet, tart center.


Rambutans are native to Southeast Asia and are related to lychees and longans. They have a sweet and sour taste, similar to a grape, and are usually eaten fresh and raw. The skin of the rambutan is thin and leathery and can be peeled off easily. The flesh of the fruit is white with a jelly-like texture and is usually eaten with a spoon.

Rambutans are a great source of vitamin C, iron, and other essential minerals. They also contain compounds that may help reduce inflammation and protect against oxidative damage. Eating rambutans can help provide a boost of energy and can even help relieve stress.

When buying rambutans, look for fruits that are firm and bright in color. Avoid fruits that are too soft or have brown spots. It's important to store rambutans in a cool, dry place and to eat them within a few days of purchase.



Caimito Caimitos are gorgeous bright purple fruits that are also called star apples. When you cut into them the flesh gives a star pattern that is very beautiful. Aside from being beautiful, caimitos are delicious and nutritious. They have a vanilla custard flavor, and they are very high in calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.


Black Sapote

Black Sapote Black sapotes look similar to tomatoes, and they even have thin skins like tomatoes. Their flesh is a dark brown color and has a texture similar to custard. The best thing about black sapotes is they taste similar to chocolate! Now that you know what they taste like, I bet you can’t wait to try them.



Canistel Canistels are unique fruits that are not very juicy. In fact, they have texture that is similar to egg yolks. Don’t let the texture prevent you from trying these fruits. They are sweet fruits that have an eggnog taste when blended into a smoothie.

If you love fruit, you definitely have to try these fruits next time you have the opportunity. They are all very unique and very delicious. These rare tropical fruits are certainly not to be missed. Have you ever tasted any of these delicious fruits?

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1,3 and 4 are my favourite!! Can't wait for fruit season

How about mangos nd coconut.?

Although not rare, my favorite is a fresh sliced papaya with a squeeze of lime juice. Heavenly!

#1 looks like a Chirimoya and #2 like a Lúcuma ... Maybe these ones are the non tropical Chilean sisters!

Hawaii Mountain Apples are called Pommeracs in Trinidad and are quite plentiful. The rare variety is white.

love theses

Rambutan is awesomely good!

How about jackfruit? I don't know if it is rare but it is delicious!

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