9 Super Delicious Fruits and Vegetables to Add to Your Water ...


9 Super Delicious Fruits and Vegetables to Add to Your Water ...
9 Super Delicious Fruits and Vegetables to Add to Your Water ...

When you are drinking 8 glasses a day, you might want to consider these fruits and vegetables to add to water and spice things up a bit. We all need to drink water every day, but sometimes that can get boring. These fruits and vegetables to add to water are the perfect way to take your hydration up a notch and keep you hydrated with tons of flavor.

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Of all of the fruits and vegetables to add to water, this is probably the most popular. It gets served in restaurants for heaven’s sake. There is something so refreshing about drinking water that has just spritzes of lemon in it. You get the refreshing feel of lemonade, without all the calories and sugar.



While not many other vegetables are that popular to throw in water, cucumbers are a must for anyone looking to spice up their water. This is one of the subtler water infusers, but it still makes for quite a refreshing drink. Tip for adding cucumbers: cut the slices very thin rather than having large chunks of cucumber floating around your drink.


Cucumbers are a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your water. They are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and K. Cucumbers are also high in fiber, which can help keep you feeling full and satisfied. Adding cucumbers to your water can also help keep you hydrated, as they are 95% water. For a more intense flavor, you can also add a few drops of lemon or lime juice to your cucumber-infused water.



I am surprised not more people add grapefruit to their water. It is hugely popular among those who diet because it is low in calories but high in acidity. By adding it to your water, you get the acidic taste of grapefruit, but on a much lower level.


Grapefruit also boasts a bounty of health benefits – it's packed with vitamin C and contains unique phytochemicals like naringenin, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Sipping on grapefruit-infused water could help boost your immune system while providing a refreshing twist. Plus, it's a fabulous way to stay hydrated and feel full, which can prevent overeating. Just remember, if you're on certain medications, check with your doctor since grapefruit can interact with them. But if you're clear, drop a slice or two into your water bottle for a zesty, healthful zing!



Oranges are similar to grapefruit but have a sweeter taste and can brighten up your water. It gives you a similar feeling of drinking orange juice but without all of the sugar and a lighter, more infused taste.



It sweetens your water while still keeping you feeling refreshed. If you like strawberries in your smoothies, desserts, or just in a bowl, you will love them in your water. Strawberries are my favorite fruits out there and when I eventually added them to my water, I fell in love.


Strawberries are a delicious and nutritious addition to any water. Not only do they add a sweet flavor, but they also provide a good source of antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, which helps to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. They also contain folate, which is important for fetal development and helps to prevent birth defects.

Strawberries are versatile and can be added to any type of water, from sparkling to still. Adding a few slices of strawberries to your water can help to make it more refreshing and flavorful. Strawberries can also be used to make a fruity ice cube, which can be added to your water to make it more interesting.

Strawberries are a great snack, but they can also be used to make a variety of delicious dishes. From strawberry smoothies to strawberry salsa, there are many ways to enjoy this delicious fruit. Strawberries can also be used in desserts, such as strawberry shortcake or strawberry ice cream.



Technically mint it is an herb, but you definitely should consider adding it to your water. This is perfect for the summer when you need an extra burst of refreshment but are not a huge fan of sweet drinks.



If you are a fan of raspberries, replace ice in your water with frozen berries. Throw them in your water bottle to keep it cold and give you a kick of raspberries in every sip.



Limes are not as popular to add to water as lemons are, but that doesn't mean they aren't great to add flavor to your water. They give you that same citrus taste, but the flavor isn't as aggressive. You can even mix and match with lemons to get a fun lemon-lime taste.



If you want to add a tiny splash of grapes to your water, try freezing grapes in ice cubes and throwing them in your water bottle. Their taste will become more prominent as the ice melts and you will have a fruity grape drink to enjoy all day long.

There are so many fruits and vegetables to add to water, you can have a different flavor everyday. You can even mix and match these to get even more flavor in your water. What did you think of these fruits and vegetables to add to your water? What else do you like to add to your water? Do you prefer plain water or water with added flavor?

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Still nd to try cucumber! Looks delish

#2 lemon water and cucumber water are the best

cucumber? not so sure about that one

I’m wondering about the nutritional value of infused water. How many vitamins snd minerals end up being consumed?

your website is amazing with deferent type of drinks if you want to visit our website Fruits and Vegetables for more information.

I recently brought a fruit infused water bottle and this article will increase the use of my bottle. thanks

in loveee

I'm thinking on trying red bell pepper. I put cucumber in mine now.

Do you just cut the fruit and put it in a glass??

I tried cucumbers in my water & I LOVE it ,, I'm gonna try different things now

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