10 Food Tricks That'll Rejuvenate Your Cooking ...


What was the last thing you cooked? Whether you love mixing new dishes or prefer to bake scrumptious cakes, there is something oh-so-therapeutic about cooking. Whatever emotion you are feeling, just put some music on and blend some ingredients – I can almost guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards! Just recently I’ve been asking everyone for their best cooking tips to help me improve, and here are the food tricks I love the most so far.

1. Use Squeeze Bottles

Do you use condiments in a squeezy bottle? Most people much prefer using these to other container types – they are just so convenient and easy to use! So why don’t we use them in the rest of our cooking? Whether you are making pancakes, biscuits or batters, use a well-washed condiment bottle and just squeeze out the perfect amount. Professional-looking cooking without the expensive equipment!

Ice Potatoes
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