7 Foods That Involve Animal Cruelty to Stay Away from ...


Many people are starting to veer away from foods that involve animal cruelty. I am a complete animal lover, and that's why I could never imagine eating any food that involves animal cruelty. This is why I finally took the leap and became a vegetarian this year. I've never felt better, both physically and mentally! I never try to turn others to my vegetarian lifestyle too because I know it's a hard choice to make. However, I will at least try to make others aware of certain foods that involve more animal cruelty then necessary. That's why I am listing 7 Foods That Involve Animal Cruelty To Stay Away From! Be warned, read on at your own risk, and definitely not right before a meal.

1. Veal

As some of you may already know, veal is the meat of young cattle, as opposed to beef from older cattle. This is not one of the foods that involve animal cruelty simply because the cow is young, but because of what the young calf goes through before it gets slaughtered. Young cattle are kept in hutches, which keep them isolated and restrict movement to prevent connective tissue from developing, as the taste of veal raised in this manner is considered desirable. These baby cows only get one month to seven months to live and in that time they are kept in small dark spaces. I know I can't handle eating veal knowing how they produce it, not sure how others do.

Lobster Sashimi
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