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I don’t know if I am all alone on this but I feel like there are several foods that taste much better with hot sauce. Although they are really good by themselves, hot sauce just adds more flavor to them and turns the dishes from good to something you taste buds will constantly ask for. Coming from an Asian family, I have learned to appreciate spices in different dishes, so hot sauce has become a staple in my diet. So in case you were curious about ways to incorporate hot sauce in your dishes, here are some foods that taste much better with hot sauce.

1. Eggs


If you are tired of tasting the same eggs everyday for breakfast, you can actually top them off with a little bit of hot sauce. Especially if you prefer your eggs scrambled, the mix between the egg texture and the spiciness of the hot sauce makes the perfect combination! It leaves you full and your stomach happy. Eggs are definitely one of the foods that taste much better with hot sauce.

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2. Meat


Any type of meat you name tastes much better with hot sauce! It gives the meat more moisture and adds in flavor when needed. So if you haven’t tried this mixture of foods, add a few drops of hot sauce to your next meal. Trust me, a few drops make all the difference!

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3. Noodles


If the idea of putting some hot sauce into your noodles has never come to mind, try it out! Although it depends on what type of noodles we are talking about, most of the time hot sauce is appropriate in that dish. Don’t be afraid to explore flavors with different foods, the art of gastronomy is all about taking risks and experimenting with food.

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4. Burritos


Now if you have ever been to Chipotle, you probably already know how mouth-watering the mixture between the burrito and hot sauce tastes. Once you try this concoction of flavors, eating a plain burrito with no sauces will become boring. You always need to excite your taste buds in order to really enjoy your meal.

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5. Rice


I discovered this beautiful blend of hot sauce and sticky rice not so long ago, but I immediately became hooked. Sticky rice oftentimes doesn’t really have a distinct taste, but when mixed in with hot sauce it tastes heavenly! Personally I love to have it alongside some sautΓ©ed broccoli but it is great with almost anything.

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6. Salad


You might think, β€˜Why would I try salad with hot sauce when there are specific dressings made for it?’ Well there are actually specific hot sauces made as dressings for salads. I have recently become obsessed with a Korean salad that includes lettuce, crab-sticks, raw fish and hot sauce. It is really something you have to try if you want to fully grasp the beauty of this dish.

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7. Dumplings


While some people eat dumpling with soy sauce, I prefer to dip them in in a little bit of hot sauce. And apparently I am not the only one because few of my friends have admitted to doing the same thing. So if you haven’t tried it before, join the party. You won’t regret it.

As you can see, my love for hot sauce really has no limits. While some people think that hot sauce defeats the purpose of any other flavors, I personally think that it only enhances certain foods. What foods do you think taste better with hot sauce? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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