7 Yummy Breakfast Ideas for a Crowd ...

By Renee

7 Yummy Breakfast Ideas for a Crowd ...

When you have the gang over for a morning get-together, breakfast ideas for a crowd may be a higher concern than wondering if you’ve cleaned the litter box lately. Fear not. These breakfast ideas for a crowd are sure to please, and leave you plenty of time for having fun!

1 Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole The crockpot should be given some sort of a medal, not only for being the master of one-pot wonders, but also for allowing many a cook to sleep at night. One of the easiest breakfast ideas for a crowd is to let your slow cooker do the heavy lifting. What are your favorite savory breakfast ingredients? Eggs? Hash browns? Cheese? Turkey sausage? Whatever floats your culinary boat, why not layer them in your crockpot, cook on slow for a few hours, and have another cup of coffee while you wait?

2 Quicky Quiche

Quicky Quiche Real men, women, and children love a good quiche. Here’s the secret—find your favorite crust recipe, and fill it with your favorite traditional or even non-traditional breakfast foods. Do your kids prefer green beans to broccoli? Put that in the quiche instead. Crumbled burger rather than bacon? No one’s watching—go right ahead! Just remember to cook thoroughly, and perhaps cover the edges of the crust with aluminum foil to avoid burning.

Eating healthy doesn't mean ignoring flavor. Avocado is a great example of a nutritious food that's incredibly tasty too. If you're wondering how to eat avocado, you can check out these delicious recipes. Remember, good nutrition and self-care go hand in hand, ladies!

3 Breakfast Pizzas on the Grill

Breakfast Pizzas on the Grill Does your kitchen seem overwhelmed when you have more than three people in it? Then take it outside! Fire up the grill, as well as your favorite pizza crust recipe, and call it a Breakfast Barbecue. You could try a polenta crust mix found in the store’s baking aisle, or go to your local pizza restaurant and ask them for a few rounds of pizza dough for cooking later. Lightly spray the grill with cooking spray, and put the crusts on for a few minutes. Then, add your favorite morning (or not so morning) toppings. It’s a quick and fun way to feed a crowd that everyone will enjoy!

4 Oatmeal Isn’t Just for Seniors Anymore

Oatmeal Isn’t Just for Seniors Anymore Why not take that bastion of childhood angst and give it a new, happier life? Take out that slow cooker, and make some luscious, creamy oatmeal stuffed with walnuts, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, golden raisins, candied pecans, brown sugar, or whatever else you find in your neglected pantry. For an extra treat, use half and half or almond milk instead of skim milk. Your grown-up taste buds will love you for it!

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5 Overnight Stuffed French Toast

Overnight Stuffed French Toast Nothing says ‘Happy’ like having things pre-made for your morning crowd. You can layer your French toast bread with whatever fruit you have on hand and some vanilla, almond, or hazelnut flavored cream cheese. Add some more cream cheese on top (could there ever be enough?) and leave in the fridge overnight. While your first cup of the day is brewing, pop the pan in the oven. Serve when the guests can’t take smelling this wondrous concoction baking anymore!

Updated on 10/2/2023

Overnight Stuffed French Toast is the perfect breakfast dish to serve a crowd. It requires minimal effort and can be made the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is pop it in the oven. The dish consists of French toast bread layered with cream cheese, your choice of fruit, and a flavoring such as vanilla, almond, or hazelnut. After layering the ingredients, the French toast can be left in the fridge overnight. When you’re ready to serve it, simply bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes.

This recipe is great for a crowd because it’s a one pan dish that is easy to prepare and serve. It can also be easily customized to suit different tastes. You can use any type of bread, such as challah, brioche, or regular white bread, as well as any type of fruit, such as apples, bananas, or berries. The cream cheese can also be flavored with different extracts, such as almond or hazelnut.

6 Crepes Galore

Crepes Galore Interactive breakfasts are some of the best kinds! Make up the batter in advance, and have a few of the adventurous attendees dip and flip the crepes. You can have sweet to savory fillings depending on the mood of your diners for them to help themselves. This approach will leave you free to socialize and yet receive kudos for the inventive morning meal!

7 Hashes and Mashes

Hashes and Mashes Did you happen to have mashed, boiled, or baked potatoes for dinner last night? Makes no difference if they were baby reds, sweets, or Yukons. Mash those root vegetable wonders up in a well-oiled skillet along with whatever protein you like. Salmon, baked tofu, turkey breast, or yes, corned beef are favorites. Use your flair to decide this new and scrumptious way to use your leftovers. If you happen to have some gravy sitting around the cupboard, don’t bother to get out the plastic containers. There will be no leftovers!

There are as many breakfast ideas for a crowd as there are items in your fridge. What do you feel like making? Or eating? Or hopefully both? What is your favorite way to entertain a breakfast crowd?

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