7 Foods You Can Pickle for a Delicious Snack ...


There are so many foods you can pickle, and some of them are my favorites. Pickling is pretty easy to do and with the range of choices, you can keep an array of tasty snacks on hand to satisfy a craving day or night. There are loads of recipes out there, so I recommend experimenting to find the pickling recipes you love best. In the meantime, get a load of the options you have by reading through my list of foods you can pickle. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

1. Cabbage


Otherwise known as sauerkraut, this is one of my favorite foods you can pickle. Cabbage is affordable and easy to grow in your garden. It doesn’t last forever fresh though, so pickling it gives you a backup. Sauerkraut works wonderfully with pork chops and tastes great piled on a hot dog too. Keep a few jars around because you’re going to want it all the time.

Watermelon Rinds
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