7 Healthiest Dark Chocolate Bars ...

I’m sorry, but I’ll never be one of those women willing to give up my love for quality dark chocolate bars, in lieu of any diet or health scheme. Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods you can consume. In my book, it is a necessity, not a luxury. Some may argue that the fats in chocolate are harmful in excess, but in all actuality, in one or two ounce daily servings, dark chocolate can be one of the best foods to eat for your heart, waistline, skin and blood pressure. It is also a natural mood lifter due to tons of brain-boosting chemicals and magnesium, which has calming and energizing properties. The key to finding a good source of chocolate is not to consume the milk chocolate bars rich in added sugars and harmful fats, but to consume quality dark chocolate bars instead. I personally love raw cacao chips and raw cacao powder, yet sometimes, I just want the taste and feel of a good chocolate bar. Here are my 7 personal favorites which taste the best and only have the best ingredients used. Feel free to indulge in a little bit every single day if you wish.

1. Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate (70% or Higher Cacao)

With every type of flavor you can imagine, these are some of the best tasting dark chocolate bars on the market. I personally love the Eclipse flavor, which is naturally higher in antioxidants from a higher cacao content of 87%. Try any of the many varieties of Dagoba chocolates to find which one best suits you. Dagoba chocolate is fair-trade and organic, which makes it great for the environment and economy as well. This bar is commercially available in Whole Foods, online and in many supermarkets nationwide.

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