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7 Best Desserts to Serve Your Guests at a Party ...

By Cassandra

If you have an upcoming party that you still need to plan a menu for, look no further because these are the best desserts to serve your guests! Your friends will be sure to deem you the dessert connoisseur once they see these decadent dishes laid out before them. The coolest part about these dishes is that they will fit any occasion; all of these desserts can either be made at home, catered or bought during a convenient shopping trip! Read this list involving the best desserts to serve your guests and use it as a checklist the next time you're planning your five-star event!

1 Cupcakes

Cupcakes Because of the fact that they come in many shapes and sizes, cupcakes are one of the best desserts to serve your guests. Whether your friends have a sweet tooth for chocolate or err on the wild side with more unconventional flavors (french toast and bacon), the point is that there is bound to be a custom cupcake flavor for everyone.

2 Peach Ambrosia

Peach Ambrosia This light and zesty dish is sure to be the favorite treat of the night. The greatest perk is that it does not involve you melting away in front of an oven. Who would have known that pairing sliced peaches and bananas would end in a result this gratifying? Healthy and delectable at the same time, this fruit mixture is the best of both worlds.

3 Macarons

Macarons Once your guests have a bite of the assorted macarons laid out at your homemade dessert bar, it won't be hard for them to see why it is generally assumed that French desserts are the most appetizing and fulfilling. Because of their sugar to egg whites ratio, macarons can be a bit challenging to make without cracking their surface. This is a great excuse to get your family and friends involved in the baking process! If you need to be pointed in the right direction, green tea and raspberry are two of my go-to flavors.

4 Apple Piception

Apple Piception I was recently introduced to this phenomenon by a friend of mine and have not gone back ever since! A cute way of modernizing the traditional apple pie recipe is to actually bake the pie into a carved apple. The greatest part about this dessert is that you are getting the nutrients from the apple while also savoring the taste of your homemade pie.

5 I Scream

I Scream Have your guests top off their apple pies with a scoop of delicious ice cream. There are plenty of bakeries/supermarkets that will cater to your needs; it also doesn't hurt that this is one of the easiest desserts to serve! If you are unsure about which ice creams to choose, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are generally accepted as standard flavors. For a twist, you could always serve green tea ice cream as an icebreaker!

6 Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake It will be hard for guests to turn away from this rich and scrumptious cake. Filled with dark chocolate, hot chocolate fudge cake should be considered a staple dessert when entertaining guests. In fact, it should be served at any occasion being celebrated!

7 Kiwi Summer Limeade Pie

Kiwi Summer Limeade Pie Depending on the season, this dessert tends to be more of a specialty. Nevertheless, I would highly suggest finding a way to recreate this perfect mixture of kiwifruit and lime. This pie is the perfect physical manifestation of summer!

These selections are only the beginning when it comes to the best desserts to serve your guests. Top-quality does not always have to correlate to high-costs; desserts can be delicious regardless of whether they are ordered or made from scratch! Are there any other desserts that you feel are a staple for parties?

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