7 Healthy Foods Every European Girl Loves to Eat ...


It’s safe to say that the super-refined standard American diet doesn’t incorporate nearly enough healthy foods. That’s why sometimes it’s good to look at other cultures and cuisines for inspiration. Europeans are known for having healthier weights, less heart disease, and smaller cancer rates. Try any of these seven healthy foods European girls love to eat for looking and feelings their best.

1. Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies

Two healthy foods European girls love to eat are fruits and vegetables. Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and other phytonutrients we haven’t totally figured out in the nutrition world, fruits and veggies are simply some of the best foods you can put in your body. European girls are always finding ways to incorporate fruits and veggies into their diets and so can you! It’s as simple as adding a little fruit to your morning cereal, packing more veggies into your sandwich at lunch, and adding a side salad to your dinner every day.

Whole Grains
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