How to Use Your Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers ...


How to Use Your Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers  ...
How to Use Your Yummy Thanksgiving Leftovers  ...

You've cleaned up the feast and your fridge is loaded with leftovers. Now what? If you don't want to recreate your Thanksgiving meal again and again, it's time to come up with some tasty ideas to use those leftovers in new ways. The options are virtually limitless, so don't be afraid to experiment. In the meantime, here are some mouthwatering ideas you will want to eat all year round.

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Make Yourself the Ultimate Sandwich

Now before you roll your eyes and say this has been done, give me a chance because this is going to be a sandwich like none you've ever had. Start with a roll and spread it with pureed squash. Then add a layer of turkey, some stuffing and a dollop of cranberry sauce. Serve the whole thing dipped in gravy. See? That's a sandwich!


Turkey Stuffed Shells

Do you enjoy cheesy stuffed shells with tomato sauce? Then you will adore this riff on the classic Italian dish. Stuff the shells with leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Serve them smothered in leftover gravy. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


Make an Epic Pot of Soup

All your Thanksgiving food gets mixed up on your plate and that's part of what makes it so delicious. Recreate that tastiness with a comforting pot of warm soup. Start with your leftover gravy and thin it out with some broth or stock. Then dice your leftover turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes and squash and toss it in. Add leftover peas and corn and you're all set. It might not be health food, but it sure tastes good!


Make Some Comfort Food - a Pot Pie

Who says pot pie has to be chicken? It doesn't! Use one of your leftover pie shells to make this one. Fill it with leftover turkey, peas, corn and carrots. Top the entire thing with your leftover gravy and another pie crust. Bake until hot and bubbly and serve with leftover mashed potatoes. Yum!


Lighten Things up with a Big Salad

You might have overdone it on Thanksgiving Day. Don't feel bad! We all did the same. But if you want to lighten things back up and get back on track, a big salad is the way to go. Start with a big bowl of mixed greens and top them with sliced turkey and whatever leftover steamed or sauteed veggies you have on hand.


Tacos Are Always a Great Idea

Tacos are surprisingly versatile, which means they don't have to be beans and beef. Start by shredding your leftover turkey and simmering it in salsa to give it some spice. Pile the mixture into taco shells and top with lettuce and tomato. Or you could combine the turkey with mashed potatoes for a brand new way to eat tacos.


Have a Giant Milkshake

Not ready to give up the gluttony yet? Then a milkshake is just what you need. Choose a slice of leftover pie and combine it in the blender with some milk and ice cream to create a smooth consistency. This idea tastes wonderful with pumpkin pie, but works well with pecan or sweet potato pie too. Don't be afraid to try an apple or cherry pie milkshake either. You won't be sorry.

What's your favorite way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers? Are any of these ideas making your mouth water?

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I used my leftovers and had an after thanksgiving picnic :-)


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