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More energy, less stress, and your perfect weight are all found through filling up on metabolism boosting meals. Most people think they need to spend hours at a gym to maintain or lose weight, or have to load up on coffee and energy drinks, or worse, sugar, to keep up their energy levels. Yet, the opposite is actually true. Every single one of those actions depletes your adrenal glands, increases liver toxicity, and stresses your entire mind and body. Your adrenals are the glands near your kidneys that regulate your energy levels, sense of well being, and help your body try to cope with stress. To take care of them, it’s best to eat metabolism boosting meals that give you energy yet don’t wear out your adrenals, leaving you exhausted, moody, and stressed. The best part is, all you have to do is eat delicious whole foods, sleep 8-9 hours, and exercise moderately. Fill up on these tasty dishes and you’ll feel more energized, balanced, and even find your perfect weight.

1. Omelette and Greens

Omelette and Greens

Eggs are one of the best foods you can eat and make one of my favorite metabolism boosting meals, omelettes with greens. Eggs are rich in iron, B vitamins, protein, and Vitamins A, D, and E. As long as you keep the yolks to one per day, the fats in the egg yolk are where all the nutrients are. Just leave one part egg yolk per 3 egg whites, and make a healthy omelette that’s great for your body and brain. Eggs keep you full and burn fat in the body. They contain a natural mix of nutrients that spikes your metabolism and aids in a sense of well being by being rich in the calming amino acid, tryptophan.

Serves: 1


1 egg yolk (preferably pastured or organic)

3 egg whites (from the same kind of eggs)

1 tsp. Italian seasonings

black pepper to taste

½ cup fresh spinach or kale

Optional: ¼ cup fresh tomatoes or salsa

coconut oil


In a small bowl, whisk your egg yolk and egg whites together with the spices and pepper. Sit aside. Grease a skillet pan with coconut oil and add 1 tbsp. water. Heat the pan to high heat. Meanwhile, gather your spinach or kale, and grab your bowl of egg mixture. Pour the egg mixture into the skillet, and let it sit for 2 minutes. When the sides start to firm up, put your spinach or kale on top. As it continues to cook just a bit, either flip one side over across the other to form an omelette, just as they start to form more firm edges. If you do this too soon, it’s okay, you’ll just have scrambled eggs, which is still really good! Let it cook until set, and be sure not to burn it. Total cooking time is only about 5 minutes start to finish. Top with fresh tomato slices, grape tomatoes, or salsa. Enjoy!

Source: soulfulspoon.com

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