31 Delicious Meat Free Meals 🚫🍗 for Girls Who Want a Thinner Waist 👗 ...


Even if you're a hardcore carnivore, there are benefits of going meatless once in a while. For one, meatless meals are typically much more easy on the wallet. Vegetables, legumes, and grains are cheaper than buying meat in most cases. According to Women's Health, taking a break from animal protein helps reduce your risk for heart disease, and helps you go green by saving 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Ready to see some serious meatless meal inspo? Let's go!

1. Veggie Quinoa Enchiladas

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The Garden Grazer: Mexican Made

I looooove enchiladas and this dish also includes a recipe for homemade sauce!

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas
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